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Arabic Classes for Women

We caught word of these interactive Arabic classes conducted by Hadeel Al Abassi, focusing on the practical, communicative aspect of language. A direct note from Hadeel to potential learners.


Dear Eager Learners,

I am happy to announce the start of our “Interactive” Arabic classes March 11th. We will be introducing two kinds of classes, our signature class and our media class. Classes will be held on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings.

Class Format and Set-up

Class Timings

Signature Class: 11 classes from March to May 2012

Evenings (Sundays 7:00-9:00) March 11th, April 1st-15th-29th, May 13th-27th.

Mornings (Mondays 9:30-11:30) March 19th, April 9th-23rd, May 7th-21st.

Media Class: 11 classes from March to May 2012

Evenings (Sundays 7:00-9:00) March 18th, April 8th-22nd, May 6th-20th.

Mornings (Mondays 9:30-11:30) March 12th, April 2nd-16th-30th, May 14th-28th.

Class Set-up

Every class is formed into four groups with different levels and topics. Every participant would decide prior to the start of the class the level which she would take part in with the help of the instructor. Every group would have a group leader who would guide participants through their work.

Session Format 

Each group would receive a paragraph or an article according to its level (In the media class we would watch some form of media). Participants would go through every word in the received text (Movie) with the help of their leader. Laptops, dictionaries, flash cards, and other props would be used to enhance understanding. This would continue for half an hour. In the next half an hour, each group would choose from five to fifteen words depending on their level from the material provided and try to form it in a way to present it to the other groups. Presentations would be five minutes long. In the presentation, each group would be using the words that they have learnt in the session. This would go for the next half an hour. The last half an hour would be a five minute “Word Game” and “Reflecting Time”. Every member would have a chance to exercise their Arabic while reflecting on their learning experience.

Session Prices

First class is free! Ten classes are for 200 riyals. Each class is 20 riyals. We encourage you to attend all 11 classes as this would help you gain a vocabulary base of at least 440 new words that you can actually use! You can also mix and match between the two classes or attend all 22 classes! We only ask you to let us know about your plans.

Our prices are reasonable because of the generous contributions of our wonderful group leaders, who have volunteered their time and effort for our beloved language.

Session Rules

  • Arabic, sign language, and drawing are the languages used in our sessions. We will not be talking in English : )
  • Making mistakes is encouraged!
  • Our classes put emphasize on conversation. You do not need to know how to read or write Arabic, neither would you necessarily learn how to read or write.
  • Having fun while learning is our motto!
  • We start on time and respect our time limits.
  • We help and support each other.
  • We will invest our energy to make “US” extraordinary!
  • We are learning from each other, so please teach, show, and enlighten us so we can better serve you!

Our Goal

To make these sessions the building blocks of a center that people come to from all over the world to learn Arabic.

Let us make this dream come true! Be a part of it and join us on our exciting journey!

Please call for a free mini coaching session so we can put together your goals towards learning Arabic.


Hadeel Alabbasi

Family Counselor and Life Coach


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