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Welcome to this page showcasing some of our very best blog posts – the Jeddah Blog Interviews!

We’ve been so lucky to talk to so many talented individuals at Jeddah Blog, and we love bringing our discussions with them to you. For easy browsing, here are the awesome people who have agreed to chat with us about their lives, careers and hobbies.

Abdulnasser Gharem, artist

Amal Al-Sultan, entrepreneur

Andy Mayer, Director NobleBirth

Aarnout Helb, Curator Greenbox Museum, Amsterdam

Dana Malhas, entrepreneur Cream Jeddah

Diana, co-host That Jeddah Podcast

Dr. Uzma Raheem, Founder and Director Hope for Exceptional Needs

Faran Tahir, Hollywood actor

Ghadeer Hafeez, artist

Ingeborg Wissel, artist

Jane Stoops Smith, traveller

Layla, blogger ‘Blue Abaya’

Marina Bolisacova, cake decorator

Niffer Khan, home baker

Paul Hudspith, The Mad Traveller

Rahul Gandotra, Director

Susie Khalil, blogger ‘Susie of Arabia’

Zahid Jamal, RJ Bindas Radio

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