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Skill on the Grill – Review

Skill on the Grill is a newly opened restaurant on the intersection of Prince Sultan Street and Sari Street in the fancy new mall that brings us lots of delectable eateries. Jeddah Blog writer Samreen Ahmed set out on a mission to sample the new outfit and gave us her verdict.

My husband and I recently discovered this new place called Skill On The Grill at Prince Sultan Road and decided to give it a try. The staff greeted us warmly at the entrance and the manager at the restaurant escorted us to our seats on the first floor. As I sat down and looked around the place I was quite impressed with their bar-like interiors and the minimal decor. The live seafood counter particularly caught my attention so I went ahead to see what they have on display. They have fresh catch of the day and everything looked tempting, but for our first time, we decided against ordering from their selection.


Exotic Salad that looks fancy and tastes heavenly

They have a variety of starters and salads, but unfortunately not many options for desserts. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth and enjoys a good serving of a comforting dessert at the end of your meal, you will be disappointed and possibly will look elsewhere to satisfy your sweet fix.


Exotic Salad and Crispy Prawns

For starters we ordered the Exotic Salad and Crispy Prawns. The salad definitely looked quite exotic because it was a rare combination of cheese, avocado and melons. The Crispy Prawns are undoubtedly the best ones I have had in Jeddah. The portion size is unbelievable for starters and the three different sauces they come with are simply delish. I love prawns and this was a treat to my tastebuds. Highly recommended!


Tenderloin Burger with a side of Potato Wedges and Salad

Moving on to the main course we decided to have Chicken Tostado and a Tenderloin Burger. Basically Chicken Tostado consisted of minced chicken served on a bed of fried tortillas covered in stringy cheddar cheese that is a party in every bite.

The Chicken Tostado will leave you asking for more


The Chicken Tostado will leave you asking for more.

I couldn’t stop myself until I realised I am done for the day and I must not pick up another piece. Honestly it was too good to resist. The Tenderloin Burger was also at par. We enjoyed every bit of our dinner and only wished they had nice things for dessert.


Refreshing Mojito, perfect for Jeddah summers

The Mojito we ordered was quite refreshing and went well with our food. The prices are moderate but you won’t mind them for the portion they offer, because you might even carry the leftover back home.

Average cost per head: SR150 for three courses; starter/salad, main course and dessert.

Jeddah Blog rating: 8/10. They lost precious marks due to the poor breakfast and dessert menu.

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9 thoughts on “Skill on the Grill – Review

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Best steaks in Jeddah. Amazing customer service. Friendly staff. One of the very few amazing places in Jeddah. Order the cub roll. You won’t regret it.


  2. It was truly a fantastic meal. Loved the quality of the meat and the service was great and very welcoming. i would recommend this restaurant to everyone i know. It was a wonderful experiance


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  4. Sakinah and Waleed Al Kayyal on said:

    My beloved Hubby invited me to dinner tonight to Skill on the Grill. Beautiful evening from the time we entered the restaurant till the end. We shared a chicken a grill salad and 1 order was enough for 2 people. Dressing was amazing. Went onto the main : tenderloin medallion. Yer again it could be shared between 2. Gravy, mash, basmati rice all to die for.
    This restaurant a must for food lovers πŸ™‚


  5. Nice presentation. The portions they offer look generous. πŸ™‚


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