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Our Team

Since its inception in 2008, Jeddah Blog has firmly set its feet in the online world of Jeddawians. We now reveal the team behind the Blog.

Sabaa Ali

  • Founder
  • Editor-in-Chief

Zareen Muzaffar

  •  Contributing writer

Haris Ali

  • Contributing writer

Regular Columns:

Abdullah Yahya

  • Quintessential foodie with a penchant for good coffee. Abdullah writes regular restaurant reviews for Jeddah Blog and brings us all the latest on new openings as well as classic favourites.

Sonja Svensek

  • Resourceful Founder of Pets in Need (PIN). Sonja is a passionate animal lover committed to raising animal awareness. She shares her top tips on how to care for your pets and what one can do to help the many animals in need.

Ask Bee

  • This sassy lady’s knowledge of Jeddah’s day-to-day issues is a lifesaver, however her identity remains a closely-guarded secret. She is witty, straightforward and very practical, yet her Achilles’ heel are a good read and Belgian Waffles.

Karimah bint Dawoud

  • Clinical nutritionist, photographer and best-selling author. Karimah converted to Islam some years ago and now devotes her time to interfaith work, nutrition and charitable projects.

Kim Lyon

  • Our well-travelled trainee therapist provides practical counseling and coaching to the community. Kim imparts advice on mental well-being.

Ms. Q

  • Having lived in Jeddah for close to 30 years, Ms. Q’s knowledge of Jeddah rivals the best. She brings her valuable insight and constant discoveries, her charm and her appreciation of all things beautiful to Jeddah Blog.

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14 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. Well I just found out about your blog and i gotta say, i think its a great way for us Jeddah residents to connect and find new activities. So thanks!
    Also, I’d really appreciate it if you could give a shout out about my blog
    Best of luck to you all.


  2. Hi

    I would like to join the events of Italina and British Consulates . What can i do ?

    Thanks for your help


  3. Shaik Mahmood on said:

    Jedaah blog is an amazing site/group to get to know about all the amazing places/things around Jeddah!


  4. Mohammed Sikander ali on said:

    It was an excellent experience to go through the journey of Eid Days activities of the beautiful city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  5. Dr Padma on said:

    The Plus Size Fashionista created by Hanane is such a healer. It makes me and my plus size women to think positive and feel good about ourselves and top it all thank you for letting us know where to shop our sizes. Great job!


  6. Pingback: Hajj Mabroor and Eid Mubarak! « Jeddah Blog

  7. Thank you very much for your generous comments Andy, and for your support 🙂


  8. jeddah blog was paramount to my information collection in jeddah from where to eat to where to shop to info about services that are hard to find. Sabaa is an inspirational woman that sets the bar high. I trust her information and her morals and her ability to deliver high quality web based information. THANK you very much alhumdulillah


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