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How to Unleash the Full Potential of your Engine

Total logo, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaJeddah is known to be the major urban centre of western Saudi Arabia and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital, Riyadh. Many young males residing in Jeddah enjoy activities such as desert safaris and driving high-end cars, which are known to require a lot of work to maintain its engine quality.

A joint venture between Total Middle East and Zahid Group Holding Company allowed the manufacturing and marketing of lubricants to take place locally within Saudi Arabia. Saudi Total is the product of this joint venture and produces products such as engine oils and gear oils.

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The top-of-the-line lubricants for your car are now composed of lubricants using synthetic technology, which involve chemical ingredients that improve your engine’s thermal stability. It also provides a greater life span for the oil and preservation over time.

The Total Quartz 9000 range are more beneficial for your vehicle because it provides the highest level of protection for your engine, provides a maximum engine compression ratio and allows your engine to start easily, even in extreme weather conditions.

Total Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Driving up and down those huge sand dunes in the desert causes a lot more damage to your car than you think. Has there ever been a time after you’ve gone to the desert that you haven’t needed to take your car to the garage? The Total Quartz 9000 range and the Total Quartz INEO will not only make the quality of your engine last longer, but will also save you a lot of unwanted trips to the garage.

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