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Expat Blog Awards 2013

It’s December, and the Expat Blog Awards 2013 are upon us. Last year we were very proud to bag the top award for Jeddah (and Bronze Award for Saudi Arabia). This year the competition is a little different. Rather than a simple submission form, all entrants have been asked to write an original, top list for the city we live in.

Alina Bokhari from The Yellow Treehouse, draws upon her wealth of knowledge of all things food-related, and has put together a very sweet list especially for Jeddah Blog.

We would love to win the Gold Award for Saudi Arabia, and will need your valued support in this competition. Please take a minute to click here and leave a comment for our blog entry. As per competition rules, the comment must be over 10 words long.

Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry

If you can post a link to our entry on  your website, blog, page or Facebook timeline, it would help us tremendously. And please do encourage friends to visit and comment too.

I would like to add here that comments will need a one-time email verification, so please don’t be put off by this, and make sure you check for the email as soon as you post a comment. Only 1 comment will be allowed per person.

Thank you to all our lovely readers in advance – we know we can count on you! There are some other great blogs in the competition you might like to check out too.

We’ll keep you updated on how things are progressing 🙂

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