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Glitched Stores: A new online store to look out for!

What’s hot and trending in online shopping? A new online store – Glitched Stores has stepped into the e-commerce market offering the most dope products at reasonable prices!

Glitched Stores aim to offer unconventional product designs at very reasonable rates. Their products range from artist and series inspired clothing to phone accessories and home décor to keep your lifestyle lit!

T-shirts (33% off for White Friday!)

Celebrate your love for your favorite rock band by wearing these casual Arctic Monkeys t-shirts! Fit for any occasion as long as you keep loving the band! You can buy these shirts here.



Travelling through infinite realities, Rick and Morty have surely captured our attention! So let’s get schwifty in different dimensions with these casual Rick and Morty t-shirts! You can buy these shirts here.



Home Décor (Free shipping for White Friday!)

Wall Murals are the most unique and affordable way to add depth and dimension to your room! A tasteful, well-placed and inspirational wall mural can change your room from bland to spectacular.

Calaveras – “Todos somos Calaveras” – We all are skeletons. Underneath our manmade trappings, we all are same. Inspired from Mexican culture, these trippy calaveras (skull) wall murals are an eccentric reminder of life. (Price 55 SAR)


Calligraphy – Deriving its beauty from austerity, this Arabic Kufic calligraphy has a particular appeal for problem-solvers. These spiritual wall murals let you receive blessings by gazing upon them every day! (Price 60 SAR). Buy these here.


Mandala – A Mandala symbolizes your relation to the infinite; a world that extends both within and outside your body and mind. You can trip on these soothing wall murals anytime and also give your home a bohemian touch! (Price 55 SAR). Buy these here.


Yin Yang – “When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created. When people see things as good, evil is created.” This mystical Yin Yang wall mural celebrates wholeness and is said to invoke unconscious awakening in people. (Price 55 SAR) . Buy these here.


iPhone Covers: (50% off for White Friday!)

Appreciate your love for doodles with these animal themed iPhone 7/8 series cases! This case will bring all the wilderness to your iPhone and style! Buy these here.

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Fell in love with a trend that has not entered the local market? Glitched Stores has an eye out for most exceptional trends in the world!

Coming soon – Socks!
In Glitched Stores, shopping for socks is not boring at all! Check out these comical socks for the free-spirited!


The biggest sale of the year is here! This White Friday, you enjoy up to 50% off and free shipping only from 22-25 Nov. So head over to the Glitched Store now before these run out of stock!

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hellofood offers 24-hours premium access to icflix with every meal order

We at Jeddah Blog have used hellofood, the online food delivery service many times, and have never been disappointed. They are prompt, reliable, efficient, and even follow up online orders with a phone call confirming the order and an email afterwards inquiring about the level of service provided. Adding to all this, their service charge is very reasonable. If you haven’t tried them already, I recommend you do so very soon. When you do, leave a comment at the end of this blog post telling us about your experience.

Enjoying a delicious meal in front of a movie is something we all like, therefore the promotional offer that is currently available between Hellofood and icflix might interest the cinema lovers. 

In fact the Middle East and North Africa’s leading Internet streaming service, providing its viewers with access to Hollywood, Bollywood and Jazwood (Arabic) content has lately announced a strategic partnership with hellofood.

hellofood and icflix


Active in over 40 countries over 5 continents, hellofood have selected the best restaurants in Saudi Arabia, granting customers ordering food online, free unlimited 24-hour access to movies, TV series, documentaries and kids content on icflix.

“The premium access to icflix will give hellofood customers a chance to enjoy and experience the service,” said Carlos Tibi, CEO, icflix. “We want customers to enjoy the entertainment from the comfort of their own home.”

“hellofood represents a complement to icflix’s internet streaming service  and vice versa, enabling users to order food online from more than 500 restaurants and choose from a variety of movies and TV shows at the same time. All customers will benefit from the synergy of this partnership”, said Beschir Hussain, CEO  of Hellofood Middle East.


ICFLIX media FZ LLC was established in Dubai in 2012. The company provides its members with convenient access to . It is the first subscription-based online streaming service of its kind and offers movies, TV series, cartoons, and documentaries. The service is currently available on over 900 different mobile and fixed Internet enabled devices including PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Aside from its UAE headquarters, ICFLIX has offices in Morocco, Egypt and Czech Republic.

You can follow icflix via Twitter and Facebook.

About hellofood

hellofood is the leading global online food delivery marketplace and is active in more than 40 countries across five continents. For restaurants, hellofood promotes their visibility in a mobile and digital world, and provides up-to-date interfaces as technology evolves. For diners, hellofood provides the convenience of ordering food online and offers the widest culinary range to choose their favorite meal from, which can be done via the web or through the app. In the Middle East, hellofood is present in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar. The group recently acquired UAE-based 24h and has raised more than 200 million USD to date.

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The Plus Size Fashionista reviews Anna Scholz

Can you believe we are now in 2014? A new year is the perfect excuse for  a new look, and for plus size ladies, who better to give us advice than our very own Plus Size Fashionista? In this blog post, Hanane was lucky enough to get to try on some gorgeous samples, and review one of her favourite designers. Here is her exclusive review of the Anna Scholz collection, hot off the press.

Hello ladies! In this month’s column, I am back with  an exciting surprise. As the Plus Size Fashionista at Jeddah Blog, I was chosen to review a collection by Anna Scholz! If you don’t know Anna Scholz, please let me fill you in.

Anna Scholz is one of the most inspiring fashion designers and pioneers of the plus size fashion industry as she believes that all women – regardless of their shape – deserve to wear trendy designer clothes. The secret recipe is a blend of getting to know your body shape, wearing clothes that fit well, embracing your assets and finally to have an enjoyable fashion, style and shopping experience at every chance you get.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I feel humbled and honoured for this awesome opportunity! There is no doubt about the impeccable quality of the clothes. I simply loved all the samples that were sent to me. Some more than others – love at first fit! I had of course heard about Anna Scholz before, but I never had the chance to purchase any of her beautiful clothes. So, let’s get started!

The psychology of shopping. How do we pick our clothes? We engage all our senses to find those favourite items.

Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

Love at first sight! The chevron pattern is so refreshing and the dominance of the magenta makes it even more stylish. An eye-candy! It was a perfect fit in a size UK 18. I cannot overlook the light-weightness of this top as the jersey component provides a slight stretchiness and comfort. Sometimes, we as women, neglect ourselves. We choose comfort over style, thinking that anything stylish will not be comfortable enough to run errands, finish chores or suit our busy schedule. I would totally recommend this top to all the busy moms. Just put it together with legging and high boots. Whether to run errands or to meet up the girlfriends for lunch, this casual look will not pass unnoticed. And no effort needed. This top can work in both summer and fall. For the more conservative women or for women who don’t like to wear sleeve-less tops, this is a very stylish option. With the weather lately in Jeddah, this look is a big YAY!

You know how we all must have a LBD in our closet (Little Black Dress) Yes! Well new rule. We all should also have a Little Black Leather Jacket. This one is actually by Anna Scholz too and it is gorgeous! My only problem is with the size. It fits perfectly if I want to keep it open. I would really want to show the zipper detailing when it is closed! A leather jacket gives us a sharp look. Its length is impeccable and super stylish. None of these long matrix jackets! Well, since I have broad shoulders, I get my jackets and coats a size or two bigger – depending on the cut. It is still a must-have in my book. Invest in a LBLJ…

Pocket Top

Pocket Top

Teal is one my favorites colors. The pattern of this pocket top is hypnotizing and I simply love it! Paired with some skinny jeans and cream high-heel sandals, I put together an outfit suitable for a busy mom or a college student or a hip art director. To make it classier or a more night look, I would pair it with a long black skirt or a high-low black skirt and some black high-heel sandals. Peplum is so in too, so you can work around a peplum tube skirt for a work look. This top is so versatile, you can go all out to make numerous outfits. For me, UK18 is a bit tight because it is silk – no stretch. I would get one size bigger, just for the tiny extra comfort around the arms and shoulders. It is a gorgeous pick.

Puzzle Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

You won’t be puzzled by this long-sleeve shirt. A puzzle grey, pink and white puzzle pattern brings a whimsical quality to a once plain long-sleeve shirt. This piece was a perfect fit. I always have trouble with shirts, but I was very lucky with this one. I have a new address where I can find my perfect trendy shirt: Anna Scholz. This shirt can go from a casual look to work look by pairing it with pants and pumps instead of jeans and sandals. Adding a black blazer would also work-ify this outfit. I went for a casual look because my lifestyle is such. Since I am a full-time mom and I work from home, my lifestyle in Saudi Arabia doesn’t requires more than casual/stylish outfits. A fun shirt suitable for all.

Grey Skull Bodycon Dress

Grey Skull Print DressAlthough I am not a big fan of bodycon dresses, but this dress caught my full attention. I loved the grey skull print! A feminine adaptation of a rocker-style skull icon. The size was good; it has a combined inner slip dress – 2 in 1 – so no need to worry about buying one. The attached slip dress underneath adds to the density of the dress: as it is quite tight and close on the body, this creates a layered affect without adding unwanted weight. I would definitely wear this on a night out. The philosophy of merging comfort and style still presides…

Black and Brown Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress

Here is another bodycon dress, a bit longer though – which I really like. The combination of black and green/brown is interesting. I can’t say I ever put these two colors together but it works. The sweetheart and pockets detailing creates a feminine and thought look to a color-block tube dress. This is a great option for working women as it breaks the forever boundaries of black.

Crepe Tailoring Lapel Black Dress

Crepe Tailoring Dress

We cannot escape the Little Black Dress. This is without a doubt my favorite piece. Although it’s a bit tight at the upper body, I still feel like I rocked it!

There is something very empowering about the black dress. Every woman should have one in her closet. With the right accessories, it can go from day to night in a flash. What’s unique about this dress is the lapel detailing. It is genius! Almost like an optical illusion: “Is she wearing a short jacket? Or is part of her dress?” I think this design is on top of my list. And the award goes to the LBD!

It has been an honour and a pleasure to be able to present you a sample collection of Anna Scholz, one of the trendiest plus size fashion brands. If you are looking for long-lasting, designer, good quality and accurate sizing, I recommend you check out her online shop. For a more personal touch you can also call them on +44 20 8964 3040.

I hope you enjoyed this review.Please share your comments and let us know which ones are your favourite pieces.

Online Home Delivery in Jeddah

Have you ever been caught up during the day, had a sudden bout of laziness, not cooked at home, or simply wanted to order in for a change? Great idea! But wait… what happens if you don’t have a driver at hand, or really can’t imagine battling that notorious Jeddah traffic outside?

Hello Food, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We at Jeddah Blog have discovered a great new service, perfect for those of us who like to order in every once in a while without having to leave the comfort of our homes.

Meet your soon-to-be best friend, Hello Food!

This is a super-easy way to order food online in 3 simple steps:

1. You tell them your location.

2. Pick a restaurant (and your favourite dish).

3. Receive your delivery.

The best part of it is, you pay the very nominal delivery charge in cash on your doorstep. No need to set up an account, or have a credit card handy. Their delivery service is available in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dhahran, Dammam and Khobar.

There’s also a hellofood app which you can download to your smartphones, making the whole process even easier. Saudi hellofood is dealing with the largest and well-known food outlets such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Tako Hut, Quiznon, Romaway and Canton.

What are you waiting for? Click on the links above to take you to the hellofood website. Be sure to write in to us and share your home delivery experience!

Introducing The Plus Size Fashionista!

Hanane profile picI am very excited to introduce our newest columnist to you all. Hanane Fathallah is a full-time mom, a freelance graphic designer and a plus size fashion advocate. Hanane has been spreading awareness about the rising plus size fashion movement. Her aim is to start up a community in the Arab region for plus size fashionistas, plus size bloggers and just regular curvy women.

In her first column for Jeddah Blog, Hanane introduces the concept of plus size fashion and will apprise us of the latest developments in the market for gorgeous plus size women. She also discloses her handy tips for you to find the right size clothing to make you look your best!

Plus size fashion has become such a controversial issue. Some think it is a dishonest way of encouraging obesity, while others consider it as an opportunity for women of all sizes to glam up and feel beautiful. Regardless of what people think, it is not in any way, shameful to be a plus size woman who is simply proud of her curves. That being said, I never disregard the importance of health. Health, confidence and style go together to reflect a beautiful image of your femininity. One missing link in this equation would disrupt this equilibrium.

Plus size fashion is slowly becoming embedded in our Arab culture. Many brands have succeeded in standing tall in the market and providing a stylish solution to the once hopeless fashion cravings for curvier women. One of the brands that caught my eye, and I personally recommend, is City Chic – Australia’s leading high-end plus size fashion retailer.

City Chic at the Mall of Arabia

City Chic at the Mall of Arabia

So far, two branches are available in Jeddah to stoke your curiosity: one in the Mall of Arabia and another one in Aziz Mall. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their sizing was very accurate. Their sizes go from size 14 to 24 (Australia). Click here to see their size guide.

It could come in handy to check it out the size guide before going to the store, just to give yourself an idea about what size you might be. Of course, a size guide is also provided at the store and the saleswomen are quite helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask them for information as the sizes go from XS to XXL (equivalent to 14 to 24). For example, I am a size 18 so I go for M.

I particularly love their short knee-length dresses. They are long enough to cover decently, and short enough to flaunt your legs. No more of those tunic-length dresses that make you feel like you are wearing a top instead of a dress. And you always need to wear leggings underneath! City Chic has a variety of basics, tops, pants and also lingerie. For the lovely ladies who want to embrace their curves and take a leap into fashion, be sure to keep this store in mind. It will grant you a new perspective towards plus size fashion.

All woman should feel beautiful – no exceptions!

If you liked this article, leave a comment and let us know. If you have any questions for Hanane, don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you.

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