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The Colossal List of Compounds in Jeddah

Since my previous two lists, the The Smart List of Jeddah International Schools and The Monster List of Playgroups, Preschools and Nurseries have been so well-received, I thought a listing of compounds in Jeddah should be next to aid those looking for accommodation in Jeddah. I have tried to give you links to websites or Facebook pages where possible to keep this page simple and easy to navigate. The housing list below is by no means exhaustive and I’ll be continuously updating it, so if you live in a compound, or have heard of a compound that is not listed here, please do drop me a line and I’ll add it in. Although it can be exhausting, I try my utmost to reply to each and every email I receive. You can also leave a comment and let readers know about the compound YOU live in. Do you like it? Is it good value for money? or has it not reached your expectations? Would you recommend it to others?

Abdullah Compound

Tel:652 2358/ 651 5416

Abir Compound

Tel: 652 2358/651 5416 ext 7759

Al Andalus Luxury Villas

Location: Tahlia St.

Tel :6695154

Al Aoun Village Al Gandool Compound Al Hajrayn Village

Location: Malek Rd.

Tel :6697220

Al Basateen Village Al Deyafa Compound Al Hamra Villas

Al Hamra District

Tel :6630180

Al Rumaih Compound

Opposite Floating Mosque

Tel: 699 1259 or 699 1231 ext 300

Al Salam Compound

Location: Al Rehab District

Tel: 671 7121

Al Saraya Compound

Location: Behind Tahlia Street

Tel: 663 7047 / 665 7566

Amoudia Compound

Arabian Homes Compound

Assaf Compound

Azzam Compound

Belleview Compounds I, II and III

Bin Hamad Compound

Binzagr Compound

Tel: 667 2064 Ext 111

Diamond Compound Dive Village

Tel: 6561980

Divona Compound

Tel: 0563390816

Elite 2

Location: Al Rawdah District

Tel: 661 0930

Elite 3

Tel: 2831666

Fatma Compound

Location: Intersection of Malek Road and Sari Street

Tel: 652 2358/ 651 5416

Flowers Compound Garden City Compound

Location: Intersection of Madinah Road and Falasteen Street

Tel: 660 7590

Hiba Compound

Location: Al Hamra District

Tel:665 0819

Kindi Housing Compound

Location: Sitteen Street

Tel: 691 0884

Lily’s Compound

Location: Al Rawdah District (behind Meridien Hotel)

Lotus Compound

Location: Al Hamra District

Lotus Compound II

Location: Al Naeem District

Lotus Compound IV M & M Compound (Al Meem Compound)

Location: North of Obhur

Montoro Compound Mosly Residential Complex

Tel: 691 0683

Mura Bustan Compound Nada Village

Location: Near Sharbatly Village

Tel: 692 0099 Ext 293

Nueve Andalucia

Location: Behind Sari Street

Tel: 682 3434

Oasis 1 Compound

Location: Prince Abdullah Street

Tel 660 7590

Oasis 2 Compound

Location: Prince Sultan Street

Tel:660 7590

Oasis 3 Compound Orchidia Compound

Residential compound with 10 units split into 20 villas. Complete with open-air swimming pool, basketball & soccer court, recreation lounge and indoor gym. Coordinates:   21°33’39″N   39°10’4″E

Location: Rawdah District (behind Meridien Hotel)

Rahma Compound

Location: Al Naeem District

Rania Compound

Tel: 660 7103

Rawdah Compound Raytheon Compound

Tel: 6915380

Reem Compound

Tel 682 9195

Rose Village Compound

Location: North Obhur

Tel: 6562501

Salmia Compound

Location: Near Makkah-Madina Highway

Tel: 640 0253

Sari Palms Compound Saudia City Compound

Location: Al Khalidiya District

Tel: 682 0030 ext 4353

Shaker Village

Tel: 694 1129 Ext 401

Siham Compound

Location: Near Prince Abdullah Street

Tel: 644 0844

Sharbatly Village Sunset Village

Tel: 654 9533

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