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Gelato Mochi – The Inside Scoop on the Latest Ice Cream Craze

What do you get when you fuse together a popular western dessert, and a gelatinous Japanese rice. Sounds crazy, right? That’s what we thought, until we tried Gelato Mochi (think Kung-fu Panda style rice balls filled with ice cream). Jeddah Blog writer Haris Ali delves deep into the mystical world of far-eastern fusion desserts, unravels the mysterious ingredients, conquers the difficult task of tasting not one, but nine different flavours and finally presents this special report on his findings.

Mochi, a delicious rice-cake is a dessert traditionally served in Japan. This sticky rice delicacy, is pounded and moulded into the preferred shape, and is sold predominantly in the Japanese New Year. Mochi is often combined with other ingredients to create innovative and exciting new culinary masterpieces. Among them, Chikara Udon – noodles with mochi, Dango – dumplings combined with mochi – and Zoni, mochi with soup.

But the most innovative and exciting creation of the mochi craze is mochi ice cream! The Arabian Food Corporation has introduced to Jeddah, the recent discovery of exotic Gelato Mochi. After super-creamy ice creams and frozen yogurt, this new concept has all the right ingredients to take over the number one spot in the ice cream market, and is already being sold in the top restaurants of Jeddah, including Zen and Shogun.

Our friends at the Arabian Food Corporation very kindly supplied a generous sampling of mochi to our very grateful team for the purpose of tasting, which we were almost too happy to oblige. We marveled at the efficiency and professionalism of the delivery, brought in trays that were neatly and smartly packed and stacked in iceboxes.

Gelato Mochi - a burst of flavours.

Gelato Mochi – which to choose today? Belgian Chocolate, Peach Mango, or Strawberry?

The Gelato Mochi comes in bite-sized pieces, each a delightfully small orb of brightly-coloured ice cream, wrapped in a thin rice layer of mochi. There are nine heavenly flavours of mochi ice cream and sorbet including Japanese Green Tea, Vanilla, Peach and Mango and Cookies N Cream, each completely distinct in flavour. The mochi ice creams encased in the pounded rice shell are smooth and refreshing, the perfect palate-cleansing ending to a meal. The sleek, powdery rice covering adds a beautiful texture to the cool interior. Although hard to pick favourites when there is so much to like, we loved the Belgian Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Vanilla and Pomegranate. We found the Japanese Green Tea to be quite bland, and the flavour was completely lost after trying the others.

Gelato Mochi

Hard to believe this is low-fat!

Imagine our delight when we found out that not only are these bite-size wonders a treat for our taste buds, but they are a healthy alternative to mainstream desserts and are low in sugar, have zero trans-fats and absolutely no added artificial colour, preservative or artificial flavouring.

Arabian Foods will even deliver mochi ice cream to your door. At SR5 per piece, and SR75 for a tray of 15 mochi it is well worth a try. Perfect for entertaining or a family get-together.

If there’s one good thing about the warm weather in winters in Jeddah, it’s that it will always be a good time to pop a mochi!

For orders and home deliveries, contact Ahmed Houri on 0504609976 or via their website.

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