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Moving It For The Rohingya

The Rohingya people have been cruelly tormented by their home country, Myanmar. They have been fleeing Myanmar for years and live in impoverished, terrible conditions wherever they are. One tends to feel helpless when we see so much suffering far away, but now a much-awaited initiative has been launched by the Founder of Hope for Exceptional Needs and my good friend Dr. Uzma Raheem.

From the 19th September to 1st October you can now participate in a clothing drive for some of the Rohingya people settled in Hyderabad. Please drop off clothes, blankets, bedsheets, undergarments and socks at the locations mentioned below. Spread the word to your friends and your neighbours. Let’s work together to make this campaign a success!

For Jeddah Only

What you will pack in the cartons will not be clothing, it will be your Akhirah. Pack accordingly.

Clothing is the most visible and the most agonizing and obvious part of poverty. This campaign is meant to bring some relief to those Rohingyas undergoing genocide. Its also meant to bring dignity and some sense of normalcy to these poor displaced group.

“They are your brothers, give them to wear what you wear and give them to eat what you eat” Prophet Mohammed SAW

Keeping this wisdom and guidance in mind, we need to make sure of the following:

 No dirty, torn and unwashed clothing/undergarment/lingerie
No buttons missing please
No soleless and damaged shoes or shoes with heels
No brassiere with missing hooks and straps

♥️We appreciate and thank everyone who can wash and iron what they give. Let us give with respect and dignity.

The miracle of this life is that when we heal a vulnerable and fragile soul, our own soul heals.

Let us heal together.

collection drop off points only for material items. For funds please contact the assigned persons listed for the Khak e Taiba Trust.

The Plus Size Fashionista: Swimsuits for Sizzling Summers

Hello high temperatures! The talk of the town is that we hit 52 degrees last week. That’s just one of those signs that call on summer’s arrival. Although Jeddah is known for its around-the-year warm weather, it is still nice to call out the different seasons. While the harsh summer is taking over the Kingdom, Hanane Fathallah, our expert on all things large and beautiful, talks to us about the ultimate estival must-have.

Whether you are staying in Jeddah or planning to go on a vacation, one of the key elements every woman should have in her closet/suitcase is a swimsuit. Being voluptuous and curvy does not mean that you can’t wear one and show off your assets. Never feel embarrassed just because you are different. For me, it is always a constant hunt to find the perfect size, fitting and style all in one package. I don’t like to settle for the ‘bland’ or ‘shapeless’. Here are a few shops and destinations I tend to check out that might be helpful.

Plus Size Swimsuits, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Debenhams (Mall of Arabia • Tahlia Street)

Swimsuits appear on hangers around end of April. I was able to take a look at their collection before traveling. A flow of one-pieces and bikinis in different colors and patterns invite into a tropical shopping spree. If I am not mistaken, sizes go up to 20 UK/22 UK. I also find their prices average to decent. Matching accessories and bags help you make a whole beach kit pleasant and lasting all summer – so are you ready to hit the water and those tanning sessions?

BHS (Red Sea Mall • Tahlia Street • Aziz Mall)

A kaleidoscope of swimsuits, cover-ups, flip-flops, bags, etc. I particularly love the branch on Tahlia Street. It always has the greater variety. Don’t hesitate to try on different styles. Since we don’t have fitting rooms in Jeddah, I recommend buying at least 2 to 3 pieces. Also, vary the sizes if you are not sure what size you are. Soon enough you will know your BHS size. It can be a hassle but all in the cause for the perfect swimsuit!

Marks & Spencer (Mall of Arabia • Tahlia Street • Haifa Mall)

Before traveling, the collection was very limited so it should probably be more varied by now. I bought mine for the summer from M&S. I was craving a one-piece black swimsuit. It has a gorgeous neckline and a perfectly convenient tummy control function. As a mom, I sometimes need practical choices, yet without sacrificing on my femininity or style.

Never feel embarrassed just because you are different.

If you are an online shopper, you should definitely check out these brands! (If you don’t already have it) I highly advise you to create a Shop and Ship account to shop online. And now, here’s my handy swimsuit list, whether you are looking for value for money, lots of designs to choose from, or because you want to look extra special:



Old Navy






Whatever you choose to do, I hope you enjoy the summer breezes, the sun-drenched beaches and pool sides, and quite simply your swim-suited body! I will continue my hunt and keep you updated. Have a good shopping dive!

Family Festival

For some family entertainment, consider visiting the Family Festival planned for the 31st of January 2013 at the Seasons Restaurant, opposite Al Baik on Siteen Street – next to Zahid Tractors Head Office. There will be stalls for ladies’ cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, abaayas and food. The event will begin at 5pm and will end at 11:30pm.

For directions or other enquiries, call on 0555246018.



CREAM – Meet the Style Specialists

As irresistible and luscious as its name, CREAM is a pleasure that is hard to resist. This exclusive outlet has well-established itself among fashionistas as a concept store – a  very selective, high-end lifestyle boutique that focuses on modernity and femininity.

CREAM specializes in style and is constantly in touch with the very latest catwalk designs. They are trendsetters, rather than followers of fashion. Jeddah Blog was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Dana Malhas, the driving force behind CREAM and we were able to delve a little into the idea behind setting up her own boutique, and what it is that inspires her.

What was the inspiration behind CREAM? Can you describe your journey towards setting up your own boutique?

When I graduated from the American University in Beirut and moved back to Jeddah, I noticed that there was a huge gap in the market for “up and coming designers”, the market was saturated with either high end brands like Gucci, Burberry, Armani..etc or low-end Brands like Zara, Bershka, Top Shop & so on. There was nothing in-between. I was 22 years old at that time, and like most girls, I was obsessed with fashion and everything related to it, especially styling & buying! So I decided to turn my passion into a business. I wanted to open a boutique where I can buy everything I like as I travel the world, style it the way I want, and fill in this gap in the market. I wanted to bring to Jeddah a lifestyle store where up and coming designers from all around the world meet, a boutique that has everything a girl needs, a place that has talented designers regardless of their age or nationality.. and CREAM Boutique in Beirut was the best candidate for that as it was my personal favourite boutique to shop in when I travel. So I brought it to Jeddah, expanded it majorly, started discovering new designers, and turned it into my fashion heaven. The best part is that I buy for my store, like I buy for my closet!

Vibrant Green mini-Clutch

Read more…

Amal Al-Sultan’s Handmade Accessories

Amal Al-Sultan‘s handcrafted accessories are the perfect addition to any home. She designs pieces especially for their owners. From custom-made baby towels, to pillows, quilts and coasters, there is plenty to choose from. Every piece is handmade and can be crafted for that special person or occasion in your life.

Jeddah Blog got in touch with Amal Al-Sultan to find out more about her successful home-based business.

Amal, how long have you been living in Jeddah? Tell us about your family.

Amal:  I am Saudi and I’ve been living in Jeddah almost all of my life. I’ve lived in Riyadh, Bahrain and the US. I am married with 3 children and my children are all married with kids of their own !

Have you always loved stitching? How and when did you get the idea of starting up your own enterprise?

Amal: I started cross-stitching when I was young and I loved sewing too. I made lots of stuff for my house, my kids and grand-kids. When people saw my work they asked me to make things for them. That was when I thought of making it my business. It started 8 or 9 years ago.



Have you had any formal training in this field?

Amal: Yes, I took classes in quilting in NYC, then added cross stitching to them. Everything I make is one of a kind, and mainly for babies and little ones. Due to the time I spend on each quilt they are quite expensive. That is why I don’t make big quilts. All my work is handmade by myself. I don’t have help because I sign my name on it.

What is the price range of the quilts you make?

Amal: The quilt prices vary depending on the cross stitch they have, They start from SR1,500 upto maybe SR3,800 or even SR4,000 . I bring all the materials I use for babies from USA.




What other items do you make other than quilts?

Amal: I make diaper bags, pockets for toys, towels, things to carry babies in (like wraps ) when they get out of hospitals, bibs, gift bags, framed pictures, names on anything. cards I cross stitch on T shirts and PJs. I also make coasters which are quite popular. I try to do different things to keep my business going, but If I think there is anything requested of me and I can’t do it, I will say so upfront.

How long does a typical quilt take to make, let’s say from order to delivery?

Amal: A quilt will take up to four weeks. All other items maybe one to two weeks.

Do you get individual orders only or do you invite people to view your products?

Amal: I have had three exhibitions already, one of which was very successful.Now I’m trying to sell what I have made already.

For more information you can visit Amal’s website, or drop her an email.


Abaayas residents are already well-aware, and new residents are quick to find out, abaayas are an important part of one’s wardrobe here in Jeddah, and it is an absolute must to wear when one goes out. There are huge areas in souks dedicated to abaaya shops and one can find a multitude of designs and fabrics in very affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a more unique design, there are ladies who operate abaaya designing businesses from their homes. They usually bring in new designs every couple of months and will even adjust sizes for you.

One reader discloses to us:

I discovered a lady last year who designs exquisite abaayas using the lightest material and delicate embroidery. She gives a very personalised service at her home and I went back to her yesterday to choose a new abaaya for myself. I tried on all available samples, and they were all beautiful, which made the job at hand that much harder. I finally short-listed the abaayas and then made a final decision. After a couple of length adjustments, it will be ready for me to collect next week. I’m looking forward to it.

We’d like to hear from our readers – where is your favourite place to buy your abaaya and why? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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