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Jeddah Pediatricians as Recommended by our Readers

One of the most common questions asked on our Facebook group is “Can you please suggest a good Pediatrician in Jeddah?”. Although we already have a list of Clinics & Hospitals in Jeddah, we have now compiled an alphabetical list of the best Child Specialists as recommended by our readers.

If you think we’ve left anyone out, or have feedback on these doctors, please leave a comment at the end of this post and let us know. Thank you to all of our helpful members on the Jeddah Blog group for their recommendations – you are the best!

Jeddah Pediatricians

Dr. Abdul Aziz – Erfan Bagedo Hospital.

Dr. Abeer – Saudi German Hospital.

Dr. Ali Abdel Rafey, GNP Hospital.

Dr. Aliya – Erfan Bagedo Hospital

Dr. Anita – Al Abeer Medical Center, Sharfiyah Branch.

Dr. Ansar Backer – Al Ryan Clinic, Jeddah.

Dr. Ayman – Suleiman Fakih Hospital.

Dr. Ehab – Abu Zinadah Hospital, Baghdadiah District.

Dr. Fadl Mahdi – First Clinic, behind Stars Avenue Mall.

Dr. Faisal – GNP Hospital.

Dr. Fouad – Hashem Clinic, Badriyah Towers, Khalidiyyah District.

Dr. Georgina – Khalid Idrees Clinic

Dr. Ghulam Nabi – Bugshan Hospital.

Dr. Hammam – First Clinic

Dr. Haris – GNP Hospital.

Dr. Harris – Badr Sama.

Dr. Helmy Baligh – Dr. Baksh Hospital, Sharafiyya.

Dr. Hussain Mabrook – Saudi German

Dr. Kamal Khattab – First Clinic.

Dr. Kareemuddin – New Jeddah Clinic Hospital.

Dr. Khalid Dabash – IMC.

Dr. Majed – Bugshan Hospital, Tahlia.

Dr. Mohammed Jan – Pediasure.

Dr. Muna – Hashem Clinic, Badriyyah Towers, Khalidiyya District.

Dr. Nadia Nawal

Dr. Nusrat Aman, Naseem.

Dr. Shaima Kandil – New Jeddah Clinic Hospital

Dr. Shrooq Sheeshan, IMC.

Dr. Shireen Khan Khatak MRCP – Safa Al Bawadi Clinic, Makarunah.

Dr. Soher Balkhy – King Faisal Specialist Hospital, researcher autism and developmental disorders.

Dr. Taiseer – Taha Bakhsh, Sharafiyya District.

Dr. Talat – Al Abeer, Aziziya District.

Dr. Tarek Baghdadi – Abdul Latif Plaza, 639 8565

Dr. Wafa – Bakhsh Hospital.


Your Ultimate Guide to Clinics and Hospitals in Jeddah

Following up from our popular and comprehensive lists of Preschools, Schools and Compounds in Jeddah, we now present a list of well-known Jeddah hospitals. None of these clinics or hospitals are endorsed by Jeddah Blog, and we urge you to ask around, visit the location and do your research before consulting with any doctor.

If you have an experience with a hospital you would like to share (good or bad), then leave a comment after this post. You may end up helping someone else make an important decision. If there’s a hospital we’ve missed then let us know by emailing us or leaving a comment after this page.

Also if needed, do take a look at our list of Pediatricians in Jeddah as recommended by our readers.

Abuzinadah Hospital

Al Abeer Medical Group

Al Hannan Polyclinic

Al-Jedaani Group of Hospitals

Al Mostaqbal Hospital

Al Rafa Polyclinic

Al Raqoun Medical Center

Al Salam Polyclinic

Bugshan Hospital

Dalia Clinic

Dr. Bakhsh Hospital

Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital

Dr. Ghassan H. Pharaon Healthcare Hospital (GNP)

Dr. Hala Essa Bin Ladin Hospital

Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Gari Medical Center

International Medical Centre (IMC)

Jeddah Clinic Hospital

Jeddah National Hospital

Khaled Polyclinic

King Abdulaziz Medical City

King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital

King Faisal Specialist Hospital

Magrabi Hospital and Centers

Mustasharak Medical Center

Naseem Jeddah Hospital

New Jeddah Hospital

Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics

Saada Medical Center

A caring, family-oriented medical establishment that all families have been looking for. We provide a friendly and homely environment which provides comfort right from the entrance. Our motto is ‘Caring by Nature, Professional at Heart’.

Sharbatali Road
Al- Safa District – Jeddah
Tel: 6933297
Fax: 6255785

Saba Medical Clinics

Saudi German Hospitals

Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic

Sidrah Medical Center

Tala Medical Clinic

Salama Centre,

Prince Sultan St.

Tel: 02-6391818

Tariq M Bin Laden Hospital

United Doctors Hospital

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