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Take a Trip to Jeddah’s Central Fish Market

Is there anything as succulent as fresh fish cooked to perfection? If you’re a seafood lover living on the Red Sea, it is almost a crime to not enjoy the freshest catch available in Jeddah.

If you haven’t already visited Jeddah’s famed fish market, then you might as well handcuff and march yourself down to the nearest police station. On a more serious note, you simply have to make a plan to take a trip there. The market is situated on the Corniche Road, close to the Flagpole in the Al Baghdadiyah District.

When you near the market you’ll see this beautiful mosque.

20161112_113402and then this fishy art piece. That’s when you know that you’re close.


As you pull into the carpark, don’t be put off by the strong smell. It’s just prevalent outside the market. As you enter it is very clean and there is just the smell of the sea and very fresh fish.

You’ll pass some shops where you’ll be able to buy all kind of fishing paraphernalia. And then you’ll enter the fish market itself. Be prepared to be amazed by all the different kind of fish on display.


Parrot fish and Groupers…


Plenty of Hamour.


Heaps of Squid.


Pretty pink fish – possibly Bream or Snapper?


and the most amazing picture of all – Blue Crab!20161112_114823.jpg

So the way it works is, you choose your fish by the kilo…


…and if you want it cleaned up, head over to the cleaning-up-and-chopping area to the far end of the market. They will descale, fillet, chop your fish and devein your shrimp at a very nominal cost (around SR4 per kilo).

This is where the pictures end. I was to find out later that taking photographs in this area is not allowed, so I was lucky to capture these shots before being asked to put away my camera.

I recommend taking an icebox/container with you to avoid any drips from the bags. If you want the fish cooked, you’ll find restaurants close by that will do so too.

I can guarantee that once you try this freshest of seafood straight from the Red Sea, you won’t want to go back to buying supermarket produce again.


**if I’ve got some of the fish names wrong, please leave a comment and I’ll correct it – thanks!.

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7 thoughts on “Take a Trip to Jeddah’s Central Fish Market

  1. Wazeerah on said:

    Wish i knew that earlier 😮

    I was in Jeddah last month. Trip of 2 days only from Umrah.

    Jeddah is a place that i fell in love from my first time ever travel.

    I found your blog interesting. And i will keep a checklist for a next time Jeddah.

    Keep it up


  2. This is most useful info – thank you


  3. Anonymous on said:

    Above article is great for fish lovers who love to buy and cook at home. I would like to add another version for vivid fish lovers.

    Upon deciding what fish is to be purchased, you can buy the fish and then walk to cleaning area where they clean and hand you the fish at a nominal charges to be paid at the entrance of the cleaning area (Expect to tip the cleaners).

    Once the fish is cleaned you can take it to restaurants which is inside the fish market. where they will cook the fish for you as per your taste at a nominal charges per kg (for me i prefer fish Magli (fry), and shrimp bbq). If you are a bachelor you can sit at the restaurant and have food at the restaurant along with rice and other items on additional payment. If you wish to carry fish home they will prepare it as per your wish and it can be carried home.

    My advise is that the fish is best taken when it is still hot. So fresh fish from the sea and then to your platter hot.


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