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8 Top Tips for You to Prepare for Hajj

The month of Dhul Hijjah (the twelfth and final month of the Islamic calendar) is nearing.  This is the time when Muslims around the world will make the sacred, annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Makkah and Medina. This pilgrimage is called Hajj. 

Those making this pilgrimage would have prepared mentally and physically long before making this trip.  The Hajj is both a mental, spiritual and physical activity.  Hence its reward is extremely great and in that, it is only required for one to make this trip at least one time in their life. Delina Partadiredja, Co-founder of aMuslima gives us her top tips on what we can do to best prepare for Hajj.

So what about those not making the Pilgrimage?

For those not making the actual ritual of Hajj, they should observe fasting and also slaughtering either a goat/lamb/cow. This is called observing the Qurban. (pronounced: Kur-baan). Observing this special time also has high merits with Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

8 Hajj tips based on my experience

1. Studying a Hajj guidebook prior to making the trip helps to minimise mistakes during worship. Remember, this might be the only  (or the last) chance in your lifetime.

2. Select a trusted organiser/agent who follows the Sunnah.

3. Attend the Hajj briefing organised by your agent. Even if you’ve performed Hajj before or often do umrah, you still need to meet the organiser and other pilgrims. Take advantage of this moment to get to know other worshippers in the group and become well-acquainted with the organiser.

4. Define what type of Hajj you will select, whether Ifrad, Tamatu’, or Qiran and whether this Hajj is on behalf of yourself or someone else (badal) because the intention and the rituals of each type of Hajj will be different. Convey to the organising committee, the type of Hajj you will select.

5. Make a checklist of items you will take with you, such as:

  • document ID / Iqama
  • copy of iqama/passport when needed
  • save your emergency phone number/organiser’s phone number in your mobile phone
  • health card insurance
  • money. You will have to pay hadyu/slaughtering sacrificial animals or you may have to pay a penalty/damm due to Hajj violation, whether intentional or not.
  • mobile phone with chargers/power banks
  • equipment for worship: light or waterproof prayer mat, socks, Qur’an, religious books in case you have time to read.
  • ihram for men, abaaya for women
  • a few changes of clothes
  • very comfortable shoes/sandals/slippers for walking
  • underwear
  • toiletries that are not perfumed
  • glasses/sunglasses
  • notebook and pen to record events
  • hoods, pins
  • medicines and vitamins
  • plastic bags for storing shoes while in the mosque
  • scissors for tahalul
  • tissues, unscented sanitizer
  • thick scarf to protect you during mabid in Mina
  • hat and umbrella to cover from the sun when needed
  • water bottles, snacks. Always take a water bottle as you can use the water for ablutions. A great tip is to make a small hole in the bottle cap (take more than one cap) to avoid wasteful use of water for ablution.

6. Before leaving and wearing ihram, clean your body, trim your nails, shave unnecessary hair. After you make the intention for Hajj then the restrictions of Ihram apply.

7. Follow instructions of your organising committee or religious police so as not to get hurt.

8. Multiply your du’a, prayer and remembrance so that you will perform Hajj easily and will return to your family safely.

May Allah accept your pilgrimage. Ameen ya Rabb.

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2 thoughts on “8 Top Tips for You to Prepare for Hajj

  1. Great article! Number 2 is very important. My family and I went to Hajj two years ago and my dad chose an organizer based on a friend’s recommendation. We started to notice that the way they conducted their hajj steps was a little different. It turned out that they were Sufis.


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