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Hope Receives 3rd Grant from Boeing

Jeddah Blog was truly honoured to receive an invitation to HOPE – For Exceptional Needs’ award ceremony in February, whereby Hope was bestowed its third grant from Boeing. Having visited the HOPE Centre last in the summer of 2014, I was pleasantly surprised to note many improvements from the construction (such as the bridge between both buildings), to the facilities provided to children (for example the much-improved library and the sensory room).

The event itself was not only very well-organised, but I was struck by the politeness, helpfulness and hospitality of all of the Hope staff present. There was a great degree of attention to detail in the table settings, flower arrangements, food menu, down to the perfectly sharpened pencils and writing pads placed on each table for note-taking purposes.

The event kicked off with an adorable presentation by the children of HOPE and their martial arts instructor. All of the children, including a handsome and confident hearing impaired young boy melted the hearts of the audience.

Martial Arts at Hope Centre, Jeddah.

Martial Arts presentation by the HOPE children

Dr. Uzma Raheem then made her presentation on HOPE’s journey, and how they have reached the stage they are at now, growing from a 2 room containment to a 26 room facility in a span of 16 years of operation. She was generous in her praise of her dedicated team, but it is common knowledge that Uzma’s inspired leadership combined with her empathic nature has been the absolute driving force behind Hope’s success.

Uzma revealed that HOPE had been awarded the grant by Boeing after having gone through a competitive application and review process which lasted nearly a year. The generous support by Boeing will allow the organization to reach out and cater to those developmentally delayed students who are enrolled in mainstream education but have no access to specialized therapies. Services such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Pathology will be provided to these children in addition to those enrolled at HOPE. These specialized services will be conducted by qualified professionals, and will be made more affordable than current rates.

The proposed use for the grant was very well thought out and in tune with the true spirit of CSR. The substantial amount provided by Boeing will not be simply used up by HOPE in one shot, but it will be put to good use, to generate an income for the center, thus fulfilling the element of sustainability.

Boeing Grant, Hope Centre, Jeddah, KSA

Presentation of the Boeing Grant [L to R] Mr. Ahmed Jazar President of Boeing, Dr. Uzma Raheem and Mr. Hussein Hamed Fayez

“Everyone knows that disabilities come with hardship, tribulation and adversities. HOPE for exceptional needs was set up to ease these for both the child and the family. This grant from BOEING is huge for us – it’s key to our organization’s survival,” enthused Dr. Uzma Raheem, founder of HOPE. “This CSR is the victory we draw strength from and it helps keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon that provisions meant for us will not miss us. This grant will host 6 therapists in both English and Arabic thereby taking therapeutic services a notch higher. This will enable more children to receive both in-patient and out-patient therapeutic services. We cannot thank BOEING enough for the great initiative to serve the community”.

“Everyone knows that disabilities come with hardship, tribulation and adversities. HOPE for exceptional needs was set up to ease these for both the child and the family.” – Dr. Uzma Raheem

“We established HOPE keeping in mind the following: a vital mission, high quality, responsive and unduplicated programs and services, reliable and diverse revenue streams, clear lines of accountability and facilities”, said Mr. Hussein Hamed Fayez, Chairman of the Organisation. “HOPE is a non-profit organisation and is open for all (race, religion, gender, and most, if not, for people of all disabilities and disorders from all socio economic statuses) with no reservation, and this grant is such a positive add.”

Local residents can see how the Boeing grant funds are benefiting HOPE by keeping in touch with their social media updates on Facebook, and also by visiting their website to stay updated with latest community events and services.

Hope Centre, Boeing Grant, Jeddah

HOPE – for Exceptional Needs

About HOPE – for exceptional needs:

HOPE is Saudi Arabia’s first Multilingual Centre for Life Skills. It is currently ranked amongst the top 10 rehab centres in Saudi Arabia, and is the only life skills centre that offers services for over 16 disorders. HOPE’s mission is to promote education, awareness, and success of all families with children who have Special Needs of every kind. It aims to provide support, friendship, and a “one-ness” to these incredibly challenged families, while providing them with the resources to navigate the difficult road of raising these “Special Kids” to be productive, happy, successful adults, regardless of their disabilities.




Instagram: @hopefenksa

Phone: 00966-2-6996475, 0566956887

For more information, please email or give a call at 966-565711005 between 8am to 1pm, Sundays through Thursdays.

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