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Treasure Island Festival

A Jeddah Blog reader has sent in the below information about a festival taking place from the 2nd day of Eid until the 11th day of Eid.

Be sure to book your tickets now as seats are limited.

The Treasure Island Festival will include daily gifts and a lucky draw and a treasure hunt. There will be special surprise gifts for the first 50 passes. Activities include: jet ski, banana boat, desert bikes, segmented shopping arcade and a night to remember featuring national and international artists.

It sounds like a fun day to be enjoyed with your family and friends.

Treasure Island Festival, Durat ul Aroos

Contact 0563235353 for tickets.

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Island Festival

  1. barbara on said:

    Wow it’s an awesome drink that can save a dying person also in fact it’s my most favorite I can say that on each occasion I come to Dubai I spend all my holidays eating dates and drinking camel milk I would also like to mention my father in law takes plenty of dates and he is still hale with date eating he is 98years old when I return to India my luggage comprises only of dates intact today I am sending a parcel to India of dates I purchased for Ramadan offer I often go to Rasalkaima as their best quality dates of Saudi Arabia are available but cannot purchase much as my pocket cannot afford that costly a price but anyway I feast my eyes and feel as if I have eaten then
    Thanks for this awesome date festival which I will always love


  2. ahmed on said:

    Waste of money. … Please don’t buy these tickets. A stupid show is going on, & that to for small kids. All fake is written in leaflet.


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