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YIG Ramadan Volunteering Food Distribution Program

YIG Ramadan Volunteering Food Program

  • Seeking to do good works this Ramadan?
  • Wish to give back to the community?
  • Looking to volunteer your time for a worthy cause?
  • Are you a teen seeking to get involved in social programs?
  • Need community hours for High School graduation and University admissions?

Look no further – Get Involved with YIG: Jeddah’s Premier Volunteering Program for Social Work

Who can participate?
-Minimum Age 13 yrs
-Males & Female

Days and Times
-1st Ramadan to 30th Ramadan
-4:30-6:30 PM Daily

Meeting Point
Daily at Park Hayyat, Jeddah

Distribution Districts
Volunteers will be dispatched in groups from Park Hayatt under the supervision of a team leader.


8 locations, South of Jeddah, Ruwais, Ghulail, Karantina, Gurayat, Balad

Certificates to all International Community in Jeddah volunteers stating volunteering hours can be arranged upon request.

Contact Persons

For more information, visit the Event page.
Mohammed: 0566714188
Ally Durvesh: 0599998894

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2 thoughts on “YIG Ramadan Volunteering Food Distribution Program

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  2. Saadia Shah on said:

    Masha’allah! Thank you for letting us know.


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