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Greenleaf: Promoting Youth-to-Youth Knowledge Exchange

GreenLeaf Institute Jeddah

Greenleaf International Institute (GLI) is a dynamic online training institute run by a group of young people. Established in 2012, the institute offers courses and other learning materials online on various subjects in three languages- English, Arabic and Bengali. The aim is to enhance the knowledge and skills of youth specially those who do not get the privilege to study in a physical university. Courses are offered free of cost.  The motto of the institute is to empower young people and ensure access to quality education at their convenient time.

GreenLeaf Institute Logo JeddahWhat is new in this online learning? Not only are the courses targeted at the youth but they are also developed by them. Our trainers are young, talented and passionate coming from various sectors and countries . These trainers are already successful in their respective fields- some in the academic fields other in the corporate world.We want to create a network of brilliant youth volunteers who want to help other youths in the developing world by sharing knowledge and expertise. The key strength of this group is- we are fast learners in understanding issues and demand in the market, open to any feedback and socially networked.

Another unique aspect of this online institute is that  it offers courses in Arabic. There is a scarcity of Arabic content online, specially management and communication related materials. Greenleaf aims to solve this problem by adding more Arabic content both in text and video format targeting Arab youth.

Courses at Greenleaf Institute are available free of cost. There are details about the courses in each course profile. Every course is being developed and monitored by a course instructor, who is always reachable by e-mail. Students can also participate in our forum, Twitter and Facebook page to share ideas, thoughts. The main objective of this institute is to introduce someone with a subject/field and provide him or her with some very crisp, interesting facts.  These are short courses, therefore, to gain in-depth knowledge, we suggest that students follow our reference materials, web links and do library work.

GreenLeaf Institute Jeddah

Greenleaf is looking for more volunteers to join them in developing courses, creating video content, analyzing market trends, promoting the institute using social media etc. Dedicated volunteers will receive appropriate recognition- their names, profile and photos will be featured on our site.

You can visit the Greenleaf Institute  and register for free. Click here to join their Facebook page.

For further queries contact Naguib Chowdhury at or email

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