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Learn French Faster!

Why not use the summer to learn a new language? The Alliance Française will be holding intensive French classes in June.

4 Weeks Accelerated Classes Start June 8.

Register Now
The Alliance Française Centre is organizing an intensive session
for women and men in its head office located
at Commercial Jamjoum Center in Jeddah.
Session starts on Saturday, June 8 and ends Wednesday, July 3
Registration starts now
For more information please call 02 661 22 80 – 0592 10 52 50
e-mail :

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16 thoughts on “Learn French Faster!

  1. Hi there
    I would like to know more about your school. Is it possible for a 55 year old man to learn in your school.


  2. Alyaa on said:

    Good morning
    I was just wondering if the courses for the girls’ branch in Jeddah will be for girls only!
    Is it possible to not take classes with the males’ section?
    Thank you


  3. MRSAM on said:

    any idea for fees


  4. I am happy to offer my websites to learn French for free, is with audio vocabulary, videos, games, French expressions for beginners (Ratounet the muppet sings for kids) and advanced level students
    and is for news in English and in French with audio.


  5. hi there. I would like to know if you will conduct sessions again for french laguage. I would be willing to attend. Thank you!


  6. SMITHA THOMAS on said:

    i would like to know whether you are planning to conduct french course again?because i could not attend your last session..please let me know..


  7. Any idea about the fees?


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