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Introducing The Plus Size Fashionista!

Hanane profile picI am very excited to introduce our newest columnist to you all. Hanane Fathallah is a full-time mom, a freelance graphic designer and a plus size fashion advocate. Hanane has been spreading awareness about the rising plus size fashion movement. Her aim is to start up a community in the Arab region for plus size fashionistas, plus size bloggers and just regular curvy women.

In her first column for Jeddah Blog, Hanane introduces the concept of plus size fashion and will apprise us of the latest developments in the market for gorgeous plus size women. She also discloses her handy tips for you to find the right size clothing to make you look your best!

Plus size fashion has become such a controversial issue. Some think it is a dishonest way of encouraging obesity, while others consider it as an opportunity for women of all sizes to glam up and feel beautiful. Regardless of what people think, it is not in any way, shameful to be a plus size woman who is simply proud of her curves. That being said, I never disregard the importance of health. Health, confidence and style go together to reflect a beautiful image of your femininity. One missing link in this equation would disrupt this equilibrium.

Plus size fashion is slowly becoming embedded in our Arab culture. Many brands have succeeded in standing tall in the market and providing a stylish solution to the once hopeless fashion cravings for curvier women. One of the brands that caught my eye, and I personally recommend, is City Chic – Australia’s leading high-end plus size fashion retailer.

City Chic at the Mall of Arabia

City Chic at the Mall of Arabia

So far, two branches are available in Jeddah to stoke your curiosity: one in the Mall of Arabia and another one in Aziz Mall. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their sizing was very accurate. Their sizes go from size 14 to 24 (Australia). Click here to see their size guide.

It could come in handy to check it out the size guide before going to the store, just to give yourself an idea about what size you might be. Of course, a size guide is also provided at the store and the saleswomen are quite helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask them for information as the sizes go from XS to XXL (equivalent to 14 to 24). For example, I am a size 18 so I go for M.

I particularly love their short knee-length dresses. They are long enough to cover decently, and short enough to flaunt your legs. No more of those tunic-length dresses that make you feel like you are wearing a top instead of a dress. And you always need to wear leggings underneath! City Chic has a variety of basics, tops, pants and also lingerie. For the lovely ladies who want to embrace their curves and take a leap into fashion, be sure to keep this store in mind. It will grant you a new perspective towards plus size fashion.

All woman should feel beautiful – no exceptions!

If you liked this article, leave a comment and let us know. If you have any questions for Hanane, don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “Introducing The Plus Size Fashionista!

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    You look very beautiful for your style.Reading this article has been a enjoyable experience.
    Really Nice.
    Munmun Nishi.


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  3. Thank you all! Hanane is already working on her next column. Do keep your suggestions coming, and be sure to check back regularly for her next piece!


  4. I love this! Fashion for everyone!


  5. truth of the matter is that this is a subject & a topic i really support & i wish more media outlets would focus on it. The true essence of beauty in a women are her curves & what Hanane is doing is admirable & I respect that. We will all need to support her & prove to the world that her point makes total sense

    I aint much into fashion but one can tell that she is passionate. I look forward to the next column & i hope its more dedicated to the fashion industry & what stupid “crap” they are marketing

    Salute to Hanane & J.B ! 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Hass. Great to see men supporting the curvy movement too. Awesome ideas for the next column. Stay tuned to find out what direction The Plus Size Fashionista takes!


  6. …And this is the reason I never miss reading any blog post of Jeddah-blog. Salute to the master-mind Hanane for bringing up this initiative. Would like to read more from you. 🙂


  7. Ameenah Amin on said:

    I really like the information in the blog. It’s very useful and interesting too. it gives a whole new concept of fashion for plus sizes women. Looking forward for more blogs like this.:)


    • We’re very happy you like it Ameenah. In our opinion, plus size women don’t get enough support and attention. Hope you’ll keep visiting the blog and will share it with your friends 🙂


    • Thanks for making it easy for plus sized females to dress like every chic woman. I really like the size chart which made it easy to figure it out that where my size fall and my hesitation to get hold of those chic dresses is subsided little. Thanks Hanane for ur contribution. But kindly do tell more other outlets where we can find little reasonable prices for the dresses for plus sized females.


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