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Caving Trip to Umm Jirsan

The Arabian Treks Team are organizing a 2 day Caving Trip to Umm Jirsan Cave on 31 January 2013. The cave is 620 km north of Jeddah in a volcanic and rocky area that is defined by its underground caves that were created thousands of years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. It is one of the largest caves in the Middle East. Participants will be caving, camping and stargazing and fees include an individual dome-style tent, all full meals, drinks and snacks.

The floor is composed of evenly-spaced “domes” of hard mud

The floor is composed of evenly-spaced “domes” of hard mud

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The costs are SAR 750 if you require transportation, or SAR 600 if you are driving your own SUV. The last date for joining is 26 January 2013.

For further details contact, call Mazin on 0566660530 or you can visit their Facebook event group.

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One thought on “Caving Trip to Umm Jirsan

  1. Muhammad Hassaan on said:

    sounds amazing!!!


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