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Shahid Afridi in Jeddah!

Sporting fans will be excited to learn that cricket star Shahid Afridi is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia to spot talent for the Saudi Cricket Center (SCC). We can reveal that the talent selection will be held in four cities across Saudi Arabia from 15th – 21st January 2013 (Jeddah, Yanbu, Riyadh and Dammam) and the talent hunt in Jeddah will be held on the 16th and 17th of January.

Rohail standing next to cricket superstar Shahid Afridi on his current visit to the Kingdom.

Enthuses Shahid Afridi: “I am very glad I will be able to perform an instrumental role in finding out the best cricket talent from all over the Kingdom”.

Rohail Khan, a senior banker with a keen interest in culture and philanthropy, is supporting the cricket talent promotion in consultation with Shahid Afridi as SCC Advisor. Rohail discloses to Jeddah Blog that other cricketing heroes and socialites will be engaged in the future to promote and develop cricket in Saudi Arabia.

“Developing a strong well-trained “Saudi National Cricket Team” will enhance the Kingdom’s international image and would be beneficial for Saudi and expatriate cricket players and cricket lovers,” asserts Rohail.

How To Register

All cricket players (residents of Saudi Arabia), regardless of age or nationality, from all cricket clubs and leagues (whether affiliated with SCC or not) are equally entitled to participate and compete for the selection. If you are interested in participating in the try-outs then register on this dedicated site.

Jeddah Blog wishes all the best to Rohail and the SCC on this excellent initiative, and will continue to keep you all informed on the progress made by the SCC. Be sure to check back with us regularly for updates.

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11 thoughts on “Shahid Afridi in Jeddah!

  1. Md parvez on said:

    I am from bangladesh i Want play cricket as a good batsman and pacebowler


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  3. zain khan on said:

    assalamualaekum till wen shahid bhai will be in jeddah i need to know as i want to go for selection i do not play in any cricket club but i play cricket and i cannot go for cricket selection as i am busy with my schedules due to exams approaching so kindly tell me how long will he be here in jeddah?


  4. Please tell me is Shahid Afridi still in Jeddah.


  5. K.naz10 on said:

    I live in Dammam.I will be eagerly waiting to meet SHAHID AFRIDI here on 19 OF JAN!


  6. I live in Yanbu , I don’t play a lot of cricket but I love to watch. I want to meet Afridi 😀 on 18th of January he will be in Yanbu 🙂


  7. Talent hunt done by someone who lacks talent the most!!! Interesting!!! I guess this should be called PARCHI HUNT or SIFARISH HUNT 🙂


  8. K.naz10 on said:

    Shahid bhai please come to my city Khobar in Dammam! pleeeeeeeeeeeeees?!


  9. ash khan on said:

    I love u shahid afridi and I want to meet u plz


  10. ash khan on said:

    Where cricket hunt will be held plz tell me


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