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Massive Puma Competition

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we’d be hosting a very exclusive competition at the Blog. There was much excitement and anticipation, and we are now finally able to give you the details. We are also thrilled that Jeddah Blog is the only blog in Jeddah to be given a chance to host this amazing contest!

We’re giving you, dear Reader, the chance to win a Puma Collector’s item! World’s leading sports retailer Puma is giving away a massive shoe from the Puma EvoSpeed collection. This was inspired by the fastest man in the world and is a groundbreaking collection that answers every athlete’s need for speed. This model (which is about 2 feet long) is 100% exclusive to the Middle East and not available for sale anywhere!
The shoe on the right is an adult shoe. The HUGE one on the left is the collector's item you can win!

The shoe on the right is an adult shoe. The HUGE one on the left is the collector’s item you can win!

To get your hands on it, follow these simple steps:
1. Follow this blog by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button to the right of this blog post.
2. Email your answer to the question below to
3. Leave a comment at the end of this post.
We mentioned that the EvoSpeed collection was inspired by the fastest man in the world. Who is he? 
a.) Tyson Gay
b.) Usain Bolt
c.) Nesta Carter
Please note: Participants must be living in Saudi Arabia and must be able to either provide a delivery address, or arrange pickup of the prize in Jeddah. The last date to get your entries in is Monday, 10th December 2012 and the winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries. The model of the shoe the winner will receive will be extremely similar, but may not be identical to the one in the photo as there are four different models in the collection.
Special thanks to Puma and to Razan Karim at Sticky Ginger.
The results are out. The winning name can be found here.

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21 thoughts on “Massive Puma Competition

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  2. amazing blog, change the mood in djedda


  3. Samira Abdul Hamid Khan on said:

    hope to get lucky…..congrats for the success :-))))


  4. Abdul Mannan Shaikj on said:

    I want to win my dream shoes……

    done with all steps…….


  5. Samira Abdul Hamid Khan on said:



  6. First of all, CONGRATS to Jeddah Blog for bagging the Bronze Medal at recently on this year’s Expat Blog Award 2012 KSA. Keep it up! Second, I love those SHOES! Hoping that I will be one of the lucky winners… 🙂


  7. Nabiha Khan on said:

    A great opportunity and a fair chance for everyone to win. Best of luck to everyone and Thanks to the Jeddah Blog team for organising this. 🙂


    • Hi Nabiha – your answer has been received. Thanks for entering the competition. Make sure you follow our blog to complete all the steps to be eligible in the competition.

      Good luck 🙂


  8. Uzma Raheem on said:

    Clicked the button, entered the competition and left a comment. Lolsss….have to vote. will do now 🙂


  9. Uzma Raheem on said:

    All fingers crossed. My son wants these shoes at any cost 🙂


    • I can feel your excitement Uzma! Good luck 🙂 However,there is only 1 shoe to be given away. Make sure you follow our blog by clicking on the button in the right-hand menu to enter in the competition. Have you voted for us at the Expat Blogs?


  10. Following and email sent! Great giveaway!!!


  11. love this blog…never knew Jeddah had so much to offer!


  12. saobia on said:

    Hello Jeddah Blog,
    The correct answer is **********


  13. Why not? I’m not as good as I was but better than I will be.


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