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Expat Blog Awards 2012 – Please vote for us!

Expats Blog have announced their 2012 Expat Blog Awards and we at Jeddah Blog are very excited to be shortlisted as one of the contenders for the best Expats in Saudi Arabia Blog Award! The judging is based on public opinion, so YOU, dear reader, can leave a comment and give us a rating on our nomination page.

There are some other great blogs in the Saudi Arabia category like Under the Abaya, American Bedu, Blue Abaya, Imaged Event, Susie of Arabia and others – all worth checking out. Obviously, we would dearly love to win, and it is all down to you, so please do click on the badge above which will take you straight to our listing page. Write a line or two about us and give us a rating and we’ll be well on our way in this competition.

Thank you very much !!

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6 thoughts on “Expat Blog Awards 2012 – Please vote for us!

  1. Nabiha Khan on said:

    Fill with loads of info.. Thanks for providing us all the lovely details about Jeddah


  2. very nice and informative blog …….. Jeddah Blog 🙂


  3. Thank you very much Victor – we love your blog too!


  4. Congratulations! It’s been fun and informative to follow your posts.


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