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Beautylicious: Makeup Tips for Eid

Eid is just around the corner, which means EID PARTIES. In Jeddah people generally celebrate for 3 days. In this month’s Beautylicious, Nilo Haq gives us some simple tips and tricks to keep you looking beautiful on some of the most important days of the year.

Eid Morning Generally families get together and have a feast after Eid prayers. Morning is all about pretty and natural so light makeup should do the trick. Dramatic and overdone makeup with dark tones ends up looking rather harsh for the occasion.

  • Its Eid…you are going to be eating. To make your lipstick last longer; fill in the entire lip with a neutral pencil before applying colour.
  • During the day skip mascara on the lower lashes entirely – it can end up looking too dramatic
  • For the most natural looking eyeliner use a powder liner, which is highly pigmented and apply with a liner brush or an angle brush.
  • Go for matte neutral toned eye shadows for your day look and save your shimmery ones for the evening.
  • For a glowing sheen, apply a pink blush then blend a drop of liquid highlighter onto the cheeks.
  • For extra natural looking skin, try a tinted moisturizer. Since its lightweight, it won’t cover up dark spots, blemishes or redness BUT it will even out skin tone.

Eid NightNow it’s time to party! Roll out your latest outfit and look your best. Again I would say that looking natural would be the best option here, but you can now get away with some bolder lipsticks or more colours on the eyes compared to the morning.

  • To keep liquid foundation from fading, mix it with a drop of sweat-proof sunblock, and then smooth it on. It will last all night, even if you sweat up a storm.
  • Make cheek colour last longer by choosing a blush that is the same texture as your foundation. Liquid on liquid, cream on cream or powder on powder.
  • Concealer should always follow foundation; if you put it on first and then blend foundation, the foundation will cover up the concealer.
  • If you are worried about wrinkles being enhanced after putting on foundation mix a bit of concealer with a bit of eye cream so it won’t settle into the lines.
  • Got a pimple! Don’t worry, hide your blemish with an oil free concealer that has salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur to treat while you conceal.
  • For rich pigmented eye shadow that will last you throughout the night, wet your shadow brush and use it to apply your shadow on your eyelids. The wet brush intensifies the color and will help the powder to stick.
  • Apply your eyeliner after you apply your eye shadow; shadow can make the liner look dull so it’s best to do it a second time for the most impact.
  • For extra-thick lashes dust them with translucent powder, then apply mascara.
  • For the most intense color, matte lipsticks are the way to go. They are saturated with pigment and no shine.

Most importantly enjoy this time with your family and friends. Have a Glowing Eid!

Now time for some questions from our readers, answered by Nilo…

“What should I do if I’ve put on too much foundation?” – Floundering in foundation

Dear Floundering in foundation,

Use Macs FIX + spray and evenly spray on your entire face. This really helps to take down foundation then take a clean tissue and gently press it on your face to remove any access foundation/powder. If you don’t have the Fix+ spray you could use rosewater.


“Is there any way to prevent a scar from forming – or to make one go away?” – Scarred and Worried

Dear Scarred and Worried,

First and most important you must keep the wound moist and clean. This can minimize the chances of scarring. Immediately, and once a day after the injury, gently wash your wound with warm soapy water; rinse, and apply an antibiotic ointment. Then cover the wound with a bandage. If you scar, there’s no way to make it totally go away, but you can minimize its appearance. When going out into the sun makeup sure you always apply sunscreen. Red scars can be treated using a laser by your dermatologist. And if you develop a thick raised surface scar give it a daily 20-minute fingertip massage the repeated pressure can help to break it up. You can also try a natural remedy: good old aloevera.


“I have very dark skin, and blush never seems to show up on me. What can I do?” – Dark and Despairing

Dear Dark and Despairing,

The darker your skin, the brighter the blush should be. That way it shows up on your face. I love working with dark skin tones, as color shows up the best on it. Try a hot pink, a bright red or a cranberry blush! I know it sounds very dramatic but it’s all about HOW you apply it. Gently dust it over your cheekbones until you achieve the right amount of color.


“My hands always shake when I apply eyeliner. My eyeliner ends up looking crooked. How can I make it perfect?” – Shaky and Crooked

Dear Shaky and Crooked, Eyeliner is an art. You need to keep practicing to get it right. To help give your hands stability, try resting your elbow on a table in front of the mirror and with your free hand pull your lid at the outside corner of your eye to create smoothness. Clean up a crooked line with a dry cotton swab. Just twist!


If you would like your questions addressed by Nilo, then you can either leave a comment on this blog post, on our Facebook page, or email us at

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3 thoughts on “Beautylicious: Makeup Tips for Eid

  1. Wow this is a really good post! I’m totally into makeup and I really enjoyed reading this post, everything is on point!


  2. Festival season is next doors to us and we have to have special preparation to look pretty at each and every festival whether the festival is EID or Christmas. Through the help of this blog you can get some idea through which you can input some innovative style in your makeup so that you will look different from normal days.


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