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Ms. Q. goes to Laylaty

Massages are always considered to be a luxurious treat. What few people know is that in the Far East, massages have in fact been used for generations as a medical therapy for illness. In the current day, we see spas and massage centers opening up, big and small, all around the world. Saudi Arabia, the land of sand, as well the biggest market for cosmetic sales, is not to be left behind. Women here are well-attuned to the latest releases and advancements in the beauty industry.

A woman will always welcome a massage which promises to take away all the aches and sores, and Ms. Q. is no different. She recently purchased a deal for a Hot Stone Massage from Cobone; a website for introducing city-specific deals. The massage was offered by Laylaty Beauty Centre, located in the Khalidiyya District of Jeddah.

My experience started by making a phone call to make a reservation. I made a point to mention that I had purchased the Cobone Deal. I felt that they have kept specific times for such customers, as the lady took her time in giving me an appointment. Truth be told, she was courteous and tried to accommodate me at a date and time which suited us both.

Once the day of my Hot Stone Massage appointment arrived, I reached the Salon fifteen minutes earlier than my appointment. I entered the Salon to an empty reception. There was an office located off-side the reception, where a lady was seated. She was in my full view, as I am sure I was in hers. She did not make an effort to greet me, neither to welcome me. After waiting for five minutes or so, I turned and addressed the lady for assistance. Subsequently, she stepped out of the office and shouted for someone to come and help me. I, as a first time customer, did not like this attitude, and felt awkward to be there. Soon after, another lady arrived, took my cobone (coupon), and called the masseuse to lead me to the massage area.  I was not offered a seat to wait, nor was my abaaya taken away for hanging, as is the norm in most salons here.

Once in the massage room, the masseuse put on soothing music, and informed me about the massage. I liked the fact that she mentioned that she was a trained Reflexology Masseuse, with experience of working in spas in Singapore.

The masseuse already had the stones in the heater, warmed to skin touch. Once she started the massage, she was really good in terms of pressing all the right pressure points, as well as placing the stones on my back and shoulders in a methodological manner. The oil she used was baby oil, although I would have preferred eucalyptus or lavender oil. However, I was not given a choice.

The masseuse went about her work quietly and efficiently, periodically asking me if I was experiencing any pain, and checking to see if the stones were warm enough for my comfort. The massage lasted a good one and a half hour, and consisted of a full body and face massage.

When she had finished, the masseuse gave me instructions to avoid cold beverages, and not to shower until the next morning, as this may create an imbalance in the muscles. I appreciated her guidance, as not all masseuses offer this kind of after-service consultation.

Finally, I returned to the reception, and left soon after. I was not asked for any feedback. If I had been asked, I would have raved about the masseuse.

Overall, even though I was initially put off by the attitude at reception, the skills of the masseuse won me over. I highly recommend the Hot Stone Massage at Laylaty Beauty Salon to my friends and readers.

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2 thoughts on “Ms. Q. goes to Laylaty

  1. seif on said:

    Please can you give me the adresse and the phone of the layalati beauty salon for massage!?


  2. Anonymous on said:

    Great Review!

    Dear Ms.Q,

    Thank you so much for this great review. We are very glad you enjoyed the massage.

    Your comments about the reception and baby oil have been forwarded to Cobone KSA management and we will make sure that Laylaty will take note of them to improve their services.

    Look forward to more reviews! 🙂

    Soraya Darwish
    Social Media Exec


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