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Ms. Q at Cameela Center

Even though quality shouldn’t come at a high price tag, yet this is the exact impression most of us hold. Especially the impression that beauty doesn’t come cheap….. or so we are led to believe. Ms. Q. takes a risk by purchasing a Cobone during Beauty Week and reports back to us at Jeddah Blog.

Having been one of the early members, but not so much an active purchaser of Cobone®, I was both excited and sceptical at the launch of their ‘Beauty Week’. I was cautious because a low price usually means harsh service and low quality product usage. This is especially true of salons which are still new to the market and are stooping to offer discounted services. But read on to find out how I ended up eating my own words and had a complete change of heart!


I purchased a Cobone (coupon) for Cameela Center by making an account, and using my visa card. Cobone is offering the coupon at SR 49 this week, whereas its true value is SR 120. After that it was pretty straightforward; just print out the voucher and make a phone call to obtain the earliest appointment. To be honest, I thought that I would be given an appointment somewhere in the far-distant future. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be given an appointment for the very next day! The lady on the phone was very helpful answering all my bizarre questions about hygiene and products used. She even explained the directions, which I later discovered I did not need as this salon is in the middle of Tahlia Street and very easy to locate.

Once I arrived at Cameela Center, I was greeted by the welcoming staff, and my abaya was taken away to be hung up, and a number tag was handed to me in order to claim the abaya when I finish. I was seated in the center of the salon, where I had a good view of all of the work stations. This brings me to the décor. I actually really liked it! I was expecting a villa converted into a salon which is quite typical here, but this was a salon located within a commercial center, called Tola Center, and thus was very spacious and purpose-built, with a nice crisp smell, and open layout. The use of neutral colours were soothing and calming. It is amazing that I had just stepped off the main Tahlia Street, one of the busiest roads in Jeddah, off the junction of Madinah Road, yet it was super-quiet within.


The calming and soothing salon decor.

My turn came immediately as scheduled for the appointment, and I was shown to the area of the nails mani/ pedi. I was excited to see the latest manicure/ pedicure chairs which come with their own soaking tub for feet. Once I sat down, my manicurist, Marline, turned on the chair massager. I felt I had died and gone to heaven! The massage chair was better than most I have tried in other salons, and actually delivered proper massage actions, rather than the usual vibrating chairs you get to sit in.


Massage chairs with soaking tubs for feet.

The manicurist opened a fresh pack of sterilized equipment in front of me, and started working methodologically and very efficiently on my hands. After a long day’s work, I appreciated the fact that she did not start random chit-chat, and told me to relax. Coming straight from work, I think I did snooze for a bit! What eventually stopped me from sleeping was the discovery of the free Wi-Fi. I was quickly provided with the password, which I then used to browse my favourite sites. All this while getting a manicure and a back massage. Ahh….pure bliss!


My beautifully manicured nails!

Once done with nails, she gave my hands an amazing massage. Here I should mention that since I paid less than half of the actual price, I expected to get only a mini-manicure. However, I was treated to a thorough cleaning, and full hand massage, like any other manicure in a well-established salon. Once the manicurist finished with my hands, she worked on my feet, and again, spent a good 45 minutes just on them. All along, she also kept on checking the chair massager and made sure that it kept running and me grinning with the pure joy of its massage actions.

Once done, I asked for a French manicure, which the manicurist also completed efficiently. In addition, she showed me several nail colour choices. I particularly liked when I asked her for some advice on my dry cuticles and she offered to show me the products that they had in stock from O.P.I., specifically for customers with special needs. I was also given the option to place my nails under a nail colour dryer, which of course I leapt at, since I always smudge my wet nails.

Interior of the salon

Finally finished, I was shown back to the waiting area. Since my driver had not yet arrived, I waited while enjoying the free Wi-Fi. While doing so, the salon manager approached me and asked if I was satisfied. She offered me Turkish coffee and sweets while I waited. She was happy to give me all information I asked for, and while doing so I discovered that she had worked in another very well-established salon in Jeddah for 12 years. With such good experience under her belt, she was well-qualified to manage the salon.

Overall, I must say that this could be the next go-to place for beauty needs. No more standing and waiting like cows for the high and mighty salons in Khayat Centre to even glance at you. Girls, buy the Cobone and give this a try. For me, I am completely convinced that low price does not necessarily mean low quality. Rather, I thank Cobone for providing such a lucrative offer and introducing me to Cameela Center.

Hmm…is next week too early to go back for another Manicure? 😉

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3 thoughts on “Ms. Q at Cameela Center

  1. Seema afreen on said:

    I am getting married soon.
    Can any1 plz tell me a good beauty salon just for bridal hair and makeup..
    My budget is under 2000 sr.



    I’m BABYGIRL B. BOSLON, All around Beutician. looking for Beautician Job in your Saloon, currently working as Private Beautician in a Palace in Riyad.


  3. Anam Ali on said:

    Hi its me anam plzi wanna cm to in your saloon plz kindly give full area information.iam in jeddah ghulail thx iam w8ng


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