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The Dream Dilemma

After weeks of preparation and rehearsals, the talented children of Year 5 at Jeddah Prep and Grammar School put on a spectacular performance of a play called 'The Dream Dilemma' specifically written for the children by one of their teachers, Mr. Dewet Hugo and made possible by the dedication and hard work of a number of other teachers throughout the Prep School. To read a summary of The Dream Dilemma, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a synopsis written exclusively for Jeddah Blog by Haris Ali, a Year 8 student of JPGS.

Last Wednesday, 28 March 2012, after a delay of a few days due to the sandstorm that encompassed Jeddah entirely, parents were finally invited to watch their children perform, and were blown away at the confidence and stage presence shown by all. We were all entertained by drama, music and dances. Many in the audience were seen to be tapping their feet along with the music. The play was smoothly executed and well-timed, the children articulate and fearless.
The young children singing, dancing and acting.

The benefits of school productions are numerous. They help children to bring out their talent, build their self-confidence and overcome their inhibitions. In addition, they assist in developing self-esteem, instilling interest for music, drama and the arts. Perhaps most importantly, school musicals and plays teach children to work in a team, develop organizational abilities, and communicate well with their peers. The presence of the Headmaster Mr. Ashraf, encouraged the children further.

If your child was part of this particular performance, do let us know your thoughts or send us photos. Or if they are performing in any other stage production in Jeddah, send us pictures and we will happily post them up.

And now young contributor Haris Ali, a student at JPGS, summarises the play for Jeddah Blog:

The Dream Dilemma – A Summary

At the Dream Agency, Agents Drama, Comedy, Reality, Adventure, Science-Fiction and Fantasy work together to create dreams for their client. All is well until the boy watches a horror movie which is not appropriate for his age. They all agree their client should get what he deserves, but don’t know how to produce a scary dream.

Mr. Sandman, the boss of the Dream Agency, brings them a new agent to help them solve this problem, Agent Night-Mary. Agent Night-Mary, along with her assistant bats, Frank and Stine (Frankenstein) are ordered to put a great scare in the naughty kid’s dream. However, Night-Mary isn’t who everyone thinks she is, and doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore. Despite Frank and Stine’s goading, she turns nice and becomes a good friend of the Agents.

This angers the bad guys’ boss, who surprisingly turns out to be Night-Mary’s older sister, Angelica. Angelica was the evil-doer the whole time, not Night-Mary, and Frank and Stine were in on it too. Sergeant Daydream and Captain Dreamcatcher turn in Angelica after she shoots down Frank and Stine for not convincing Night-Mary to make the dream scary enough.

– Haris Ali         

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