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Eastern Culture Bazaar

An “EASTERN CULTURE BAZAAR” is being organized on Wednesday, 14th of March at the Sari Palms Compound, Jeddah from 4pm to 10:30pm for ladies only.

There will be stalls for dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, mehndi (henna) and a food court, ice cream and popcorn.

Tea and light refreshments will be served free of charge. There is no entry fee, and the organizers promise ‘surprising gifts’ to entrants.

Bring your children along (boys until 13 years) as there will be games and a play area.

For vendor bookings, please contact Afreem or Fariha on 0561455512 or 0560054905. Stalls are limited and reservations will be made on a first come first served basis.

Afreem and Fariha look forward to your participation in order to make this event a huge success.

Where: Sari Palms Compound, Sari St (near the Corniche)
When: 14th March 2012, from 4pm-10:30pm

See the location map for directions.

– Sabaa Ali

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