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Why we *like* That Jeddah Podcast

The characters in That Jeddah Podcast catch the beat of Jeddah and bring the  true vibe of the city straight to us. For what is a city if not its people and their many colours? We, at Jeddah Blog, give That Jeddah Podcast a nod, a tick mark or a ‘like’, facebook style. Here’s why.

  1. We are sticklers for a good turn of phrase and little pearls of grammatical beauty and we DIG the ‘That’ in ‘That Jeddah Podcast’. And we like the little wagging tail bit ‘Yes. That one’ even more. Between the neutrality of a ‘the’ and the punch of a ‘that’ is a gulf that only the connoisseur shall know. And then, just recently, they put up the latest ‘Yepisode’. You see where we’re coming from, right?
  1. Charm. We like the amateur, irregular, off-the-cuff feel to the whole venture. The chaos is delish. They claim to be a weekly podcast but can often go much longer before updating, but they keep you hooked with a promising charm. The last podcast was all the way back in August, but worry not, the last life signal was very reassuring ‘We are still around! I promise!’. We like their ability to charm their way out of anything.

Episode 39: That Summer 2011 Ep

Our summer is turning out to be another batsh*t insane season this year, busy with work, projects, and loads of laundry. How’s your summer going?I talk to Sally and Dee on this NEW EPISODE AFTER A HUNDRED YEARS of not posting anything about how their summer’s going, and we touch the usual topics, from my stupid, manly morning voice to the summertime childhood memories.

Above: An example from the website
  1. We like the synergy between the team of characters and the way they come together like characters in a sitcom. Michael the photographer, Diana the host, Sharifa the expat and the co-host, a certain Sherry, Big Hass, and Dee.
Brewing a tangy intrigue: A mysterious Diana, a Dee (same person perhaps?), Mike the photographer, Sharifa the co-host, so many names that keep the mystery simmering in our minds. We like them better with the question marks, so much so that we almost don’t want to get to know them any better. Wait a minute, did we say that right? 

  1. We like the way the voices keep a tingling mystery alive in us. Voices say a lot but not all. Just like when you read a book, the characters are richer in your imagination because you can imagine them in all liberty and freeness. When you see the film, they’re stamped in your mind in a certain contour forever. Which is less cool, of course. We like the way the voices tickle our imagination and keep it in a state of suspense.
  1. We like their randomness. We like the way they talk of all and nothing with an easy sway. There could be one episode about expat life in Jeddah, one about amateur photography attitudes, one about social youth initiatives, one about ….. China (because, you know), and then one about all of lesbians, labels, the British accent, Margheurita (the restaurant) and a traditional Arabic drink! Why not? You can’t pin an episode down any more than you can pin life down. Jeddah is all of that, it’s all about the glorious randomness of people that call it home, their quirks, their eccentricities and their vagaries, and this is their way of affirming the swell of life that is Jeddah. Who’s to say otherwise?

Naima Rashid

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