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Beauty Secrets from Around the Globe

From rock solid Dominican nails to shiny Japanese hair to the radiant complexions of Asian Brides different cultures bring different beauty secrets. Each country has its own ancient beauty secrets so let’s learn from them to also achieve these beautiful looks. Here are some of the world’s best all natural beauty tips.


Some of the most beautiful international models come from Brazil.   Along with their bronze bodies they all seem to have long beautiful legs.  What is their secret?  Mixing together handfuls of sand and water on their legs helps to stimulate their skin and lighten the look of cellulite.  In Jeddah, we have the beautiful Red Sea, but as an alternative you can use sea-salts.


When we think of Egypt one person whom definitely comes to mind is the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.  She is known throughout the world for her flawless complexion and beauty.  Even when we think of the “cat eye” eyeliner we think of her.  One of the goddess best beauty secrets is the honey and milk wrap, which is still commonly found in Spas all over the world.  The rich lactic acid in milk helps to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin where as honey helps to maintain moisture.  For a radiant glowing complexion like the Queen of the Nile pour two cups of powdered milk and a cup of honey into your steaming bath and enjoy a relaxing soak.


Indian brides to be use this ancient remedy to brighten their skin before their big day.  Mixing one tablespoon of turmeric powder with half a cup of full fat yogurt helps the skin to glow while also preventing stretch marks.   You don’t have to be a bride to do this one, use it weekly to vamp up your skin.


Ever wonder why Japanese women have such beautiful shiny hair? Ever heard of NJB Cold-Pressed Japanese Camellia Seed Oil?  The Camellia japonica tree obtains the worlds best camellia oil it is golden in color and has been used for centuries in Japan to make hair sleek and healthy.  Apply it to generously all over your hair and leave it for a couple hours.  Wash and check out the beautiful results.

Dominican Republic

 Don’t you hate it when one of your nails breaks?  Women here don’t need to run to the nail salon when one of their nails breaks.  Instead they mix a few cloves of chopped garlic with clear nail polish.  Results rock solid nails.

Italians are Italians after all they are the inventors of PIZZA! Italians are known for their delicious meals and for using those ingredients to enhance their beauty.  Ever heard of a ROMAN Facial? Women are known to apply full fat plain yogurt on their faces then put tomatoes on top(avoid your lips & eyes).  The yogurt moisturizes the skin and the tomatoes smooth redness, takes down irritation and leaves the skin feeling impeccable.


Beautiful warm weather, beaches, volcanoes palm trees and are some of the things that come to mind when we think of Hawaii.  Heat definitely has an impact on hair and skin, so what’s their secret for beautiful skin and long silky hair? Hawaiians are known to use coconut oil on their skin and in their hair.  Coconut oil has been found to contain a special chemical known as lauric acid, which has many benefits.  When used in the hair it creates shine and also helps to alleviate dandruff and dry scalps. When applied on your body especially on the face, it heals dry skin and chapped areas and best of all and prevents and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

What are some of your country’s beauty secrets?

Now on to one of our most popular sections; FAQs with Nilo:


“I have very dry skin and when I put on my foundation my skin always looks flakey.  I have tried everything but don’t know what to do.  How can I take care of my dry skin and could you please tell me what a proper skin care regimen is?” – Dry and Flakey

Dear Dry and Flakey

I’ve read and also believe in the phrase “before you make up you must take care”. Dry skin can be difficult to take care of, but there are solutions.  Firstly, you must make sure your skin is not ‘dehydrated’ by ensuring that you drink 8-10 glasses of non-carbonated, caffeine free drinks a day (ideally water).  Choosing the right products is very important to care for your skin.  When choosing skin care products make sure you choose a cleansing milk to wash your face with instead of regular face washes.  Cleansing milk help to retain the moisture in your skin as it cleanses away impurities.   Another important step is exfoliation.  You must exfoliate with a gentle face scrub twice a week to take away dead skin and flakes.  And lastly choose a good moisturizer.  For dry skin, go for a cream instead of a lotion for that added injection of moisture.

A good skin care regimen consists of:  Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting (Sunscreen).  Use a good day and night cream and get a professional facial every 3 months.  Also, remember to exfoliate twice a week.


“I have terrible stretchmarks on my buttock region as I had gained weight in the past but lost it very quickly. People have been advising me to use Cocoa butter but I feel it’s just used to prevent stretch marks. Summer’s around the corner and the beach is inevitable. Please help before anyone else notices them in the sun.  Thank you:)” – Stretchmarks in the Sun


Dear Stretchmarks in the Sun,

Dealing with stretch marks is not fun.  In order to treat them firstly you must start early.  When they are red, purple, pink or brown (depending on your skin type) and become white/silver its much harder to make them less visible.  You are using the right product: Cocoa butter.  Massage the area with cocoa butter three to four times a day.  Also try applying a self-tanner.  It will help to make the marks less obvious.  Remember to exfoliate your skin before you apply the self tanner for optimum results.  There are also many tropical treatments available.  Depends totally on your specific condition on what will work.  Wheat germ oil, Glycolic acid (need to see a dermatologist for it), vitamin C supplements or try Vitamin C serum to apply externally. You could consider laser treatment.  Results depend on each case but it can be expensive.  For some natural remedies try applying aloe vera OR rubbing raw honey with a warm cloth.



“I love Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson’s lips.  Everywhere I look seems that big lips are really in.  I have small lips, what can I do to make them look bigger without cosmetic surgery?”  – Yearning for Big Lips

Dear Yearning for Big Lips,

This is a very common issue that a lot of women face.  It’s not impossible to change some of your features without cosmetic surgery.   To give the illusion of bigger lips pat some foundation all over your lips to mute them out.  Then line your lips with a lip liner slightly above your lip line.  Do not go overboard with this because it will end up looking really fake.  Then fill in your lips with the matching lip color.   There are also many lip plumping products available now. These products use ingredients that slightly irritate the lips, which then temporarily inflates them.   Use lipsticks that are creamy or even better frosted.  The texture in the lipstick gives the illusion of bigger lips.  Everyone has different features love what you have and focus on your best assets.



“Hi!  I am experiencing hair fall for the last six months.  I have visited dermatologists as well but it’s not working out at all.  Now I am left with very little hair.  What can I do?  Please recommend some good treatment.” – Falling Hair

Dear Falling Hair,

Hairfall is something all women face.  There are many treatments available, which claim miracles.  Some work some don’t.  Hair loss can happen for many reasons.  It could be in your genes, after pregnancy, hormones, stress, change of weather and water.  Remember it is completely normal to lose hair.  Most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day.  On the days when you wash your hair, people can lose up to 250 strands but it doesn’t mean you should stop washing your hair that hair will eventually fall out anyways.

Some medication can cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss gets better when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include blood thinners, medicines used for gout, high blood pressure or heart problems, vitamin A (if taken too much), birth control pills and antidepressants.  If a medicine is causing your hair loss, your doctor may be able to prescribe a different medicine.   Understanding and treating an infection may help stop the hair loss. Balancing a hormone imbalance may also stop the hair fall.  The specific treatment for hair loss depends on the condition.  If the hair loss is temporary, most likely the solution will be to wait and the hair will grow back on its own.

To determine what is the best treatment for your particular hair loss case you should see a doctor.  One natural treatment, which I have personally used, is Morrocan oil.  It is become very popular all over North America and is commonly found in Salons.  It has made my hair thicker, shinier and relieves any split ends.  Try it!


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