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Amal Al-Sultan’s Handmade Accessories

Amal Al-Sultan‘s handcrafted accessories are the perfect addition to any home. She designs pieces especially for their owners. From custom-made baby towels, to pillows, quilts and coasters, there is plenty to choose from. Every piece is handmade and can be crafted for that special person or occasion in your life.

Jeddah Blog got in touch with Amal Al-Sultan to find out more about her successful home-based business.

Amal, how long have you been living in Jeddah? Tell us about your family.

Amal:  I am Saudi and I’ve been living in Jeddah almost all of my life. I’ve lived in Riyadh, Bahrain and the US. I am married with 3 children and my children are all married with kids of their own !

Have you always loved stitching? How and when did you get the idea of starting up your own enterprise?

Amal: I started cross-stitching when I was young and I loved sewing too. I made lots of stuff for my house, my kids and grand-kids. When people saw my work they asked me to make things for them. That was when I thought of making it my business. It started 8 or 9 years ago.



Have you had any formal training in this field?

Amal: Yes, I took classes in quilting in NYC, then added cross stitching to them. Everything I make is one of a kind, and mainly for babies and little ones. Due to the time I spend on each quilt they are quite expensive. That is why I don’t make big quilts. All my work is handmade by myself. I don’t have help because I sign my name on it.

What is the price range of the quilts you make?

Amal: The quilt prices vary depending on the cross stitch they have, They start from SR1,500 upto maybe SR3,800 or even SR4,000 . I bring all the materials I use for babies from USA.




What other items do you make other than quilts?

Amal: I make diaper bags, pockets for toys, towels, things to carry babies in (like wraps ) when they get out of hospitals, bibs, gift bags, framed pictures, names on anything. cards I cross stitch on T shirts and PJs. I also make coasters which are quite popular. I try to do different things to keep my business going, but If I think there is anything requested of me and I can’t do it, I will say so upfront.

How long does a typical quilt take to make, let’s say from order to delivery?

Amal: A quilt will take up to four weeks. All other items maybe one to two weeks.

Do you get individual orders only or do you invite people to view your products?

Amal: I have had three exhibitions already, one of which was very successful.Now I’m trying to sell what I have made already.

For more information you can visit Amal’s website, or drop her an email.


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