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Trabzony Furniture Design Competition

Trabzony invites participants to their First Annual Furniture Design Competition that could give contestants access to manufacturing and potential revenues.

Both designers and non-designers are encouraged to submit original works and have their works produced under the Trabzony brand. As a bonus all winners will be mentioned on the Trabzony website, in catalogues and other relevant communication of the brand.

There will be various categories, ranging from a complete home collection in an Arabian themed design, for which the prize will be SR 50,000 to the design of a single chair, for which the prize is SR 10,000.

All entries must contain:

1. Drawings or photographs of all 6 sides of each piece.
2. Dimensions & materials suggested.
3. A short bio or text about your passion for furniture design.
4. Your e-mail & mobile numbers

The deadline to enter is 30 April, 2011.

To enter, email For details on how to enter and conditions of the competition, click on the Trabzony Competition website or email

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