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Abaayas residents are already well-aware, and new residents are quick to find out, abaayas are an important part of one’s wardrobe here in Jeddah, and it is an absolute must to wear when one goes out. There are huge areas in souks dedicated to abaaya shops and one can find a multitude of designs and fabrics in very affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a more unique design, there are ladies who operate abaaya designing businesses from their homes. They usually bring in new designs every couple of months and will even adjust sizes for you.

One reader discloses to us:

I discovered a lady last year who designs exquisite abaayas using the lightest material and delicate embroidery. She gives a very personalised service at her home and I went back to her yesterday to choose a new abaaya for myself. I tried on all available samples, and they were all beautiful, which made the job at hand that much harder. I finally short-listed the abaayas and then made a final decision. After a couple of length adjustments, it will be ready for me to collect next week. I’m looking forward to it.

We’d like to hear from our readers – where is your favourite place to buy your abaaya and why? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Abaayas

  1. Syed on said:

    Mehmood saeed, near cycle roundabout
    Souq Bawadi, Opposite bindawood Shahrahe Sitteen (dawar jawadul abyad)
    Makroonah Street
    and manay more in balad.


  2. Although there are Abayah showrooms in almost every shopping center in jeddah ..i would recommend Souaq Bawadi ( Setten street )


  3. newtojeddah on said:


    Can anyone recommend souks for abayah shopping in Jeddah and also how would I go about finding ladies who sell abayahs from home?



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